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What can I serve with my slow roasted curried lamb shoulder?

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TheHoundsBitch · 07/07/2015 13:07

I've just started LCing again after a looong break and I've forgotten what I actually used to eat!
What would be a good side dish for slow roast curry lamb shoulder? I have, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, coconut milk, coconut cream, tinned tomatoes, coconut oil, ghee and a cupboard full of spices. I cant think what to make that is a bit more interesting than plain veg.

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bettysviolin · 07/07/2015 17:51

I'd do spinach tossed in garlic and chilli as a side. It goes so well with lamb.

TheHoundsBitch · 07/07/2015 18:19

Thanks, I'll do that next time! I've just put some broccoli with ghee and garam masala in the oven to roast . The lamb is looking very delicious!

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yumyumpoppycat · 08/07/2015 22:44

dry fried cauliflower rice, as a side processed with with some fresh herbs?
This could work for next time, never tried it but looks intriguing butternut squash rice buternut squash rice

yumyumpoppycat · 08/07/2015 22:45

so good I said it twice ;)

TheHoundsBitch · 09/07/2015 20:23

Butternut squash rice sounds nice, I really don't like cauliflower so it could be a good alternative, thanks!

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