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salad dressing

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hairhelpplease · 19/04/2015 17:15

Can anyone point me in the right direction of nice dressings to have with salad?

OP posts:
Aridane · 19/04/2015 17:36

Cardinals classic Caesar salad dressing

Or make your own vinaigrette with olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, and a smidgen of mustard (the whole grain variety) Add crushed garlic (fresh) for extra flavour.

hairhelpplease · 19/04/2015 17:56

Thanks. The cardinals one is ready made yes?

OP posts:
Aridane · 19/04/2015 18:10

Yes, it is (wouldn't have a clue how to make a Caesar salas dressing!).

A bit of auto correct went on there - it is actually Cardinis ! Make sure you don't get the 'lite' version.

It's yummy as well as low carb. And most Caesar dressings aren't very low carb

BIWI · 21/04/2015 17:15

Please, please, please check the carb count if you're buying pre-prepared salad dressings - they can be very high because they often contain sugar.

And please make sure you avoid balsamic vinegar - it's hugely carby.

Best salad dressings are home-made ones, then you know exactly what's in them.

Aridane · 21/04/2015 18:16

Carb count of Cardinis is amazingly low - one of the fee pre-prepared dressings that is...

Aridane · 21/04/2015 18:18

1.4g per 100 ml

Aridane · 21/04/2015 18:19

So barely 4g for the whole 250 ml bottle

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