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Help! Paleo thing that goes with soup

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Allisgood1 · 02/03/2015 22:26

I'm paleo and desperately trying to lose weight but finding the afternoon a struggle.

I have a protein bar for breakfast, soup (1/2 container) for lunch and then am starving about an hour later!

What can I have with soup that will fill me up for 5 hours before dinner??

OP posts:
swooosh · 02/03/2015 22:26

salad? boiled egg?

FatCunt · 02/03/2015 22:27

Sprinkle toasted pumpkin seeds/almond flakes/pine nuts on top?

FatCunt · 02/03/2015 22:28

Or you could always dip a sausage in it.

InanimateCarbonRod · 02/03/2015 22:30

You're missing fat and protein OP. They're what you need to feel full. Have you tried Oopsie bread? Slather it with butter and dip it into your soup. After have a handful of nuts. Nom nom paleo has a fab recipe for rosemary salted almonds. Can't link on my phone, sorry.

FatCunt · 02/03/2015 22:32

Or swirl some cream/soured cream/yoghurt into it? I don't know if you eat dairy products on paleo. Some oil would add calories.

Amaxapax · 02/03/2015 22:45

You aren't really eating that much, so I'm not surprised you're hungry. What kind of protein bar are you having? Do you make the soup yourself? Does it have fat and protein? I would ditch the soup or have a big salad alongside it with an oily dressing. I have started adding flaxseed to my lunchtime salad, which already has tuna or chicken, spinach, mayonnaise and avocado. The flaxseed made all the difference and fills me up until dinner. You could also add it to soup.

Allisgood1 · 02/03/2015 22:48

I've been eating a quest bar (only paleo friendly protein bar). Soup is waitrose fresh either vegetable or Thai chicken. I've got a 6 month old (who I am breastfeeding) and therefore lunch time is a hectic time and no time to make anything complex. I can try making a big salad with seeds and flaxseed and oil and vinegar dressing?? Will that fill me?

OP posts:
Allisgood1 · 02/03/2015 22:49

Not dairy free entirely. Drink black tea but will occasionally eat cheese.

OP posts:
yumyumpoppycat · 03/03/2015 08:11

Have a desert of co yo you with sprinkled almond slices, berries, chopped nuts , maybe a chopped date sell them in waitrose and tesco. REALLY filling. Or a side salad with sliced avacado bit of olive oil, sprinkle of salt.

There is a brand new paleo thread on the weight loss section if you want to join us, some of us are low carb high fat, all doing diff things.

yumyumpoppycat · 03/03/2015 08:12

a spoonful of almond butter is also a nice desert Blush

ProfYaffle · 03/03/2015 08:24

Muffin in a minute? (google it, loads of recipes online) I have them with soup and they fill me up for ages.

Amaxapax · 03/03/2015 13:34

If you're breastfeeding, I think you really need to be eating more. It takes me about five minutes to make my salad. You can buy pre-cooked chicken or have tuna in oil. With avocado, spinach and whatever other veg you like, along with some seeds, you'd be getting lots of good iron, fats and protein.

I try to do lots of stuff in advance, so I hard boil several eggs when I've got twenty minutes free and then I keep them in the fridge and take two out for breakfast each morning. You could do similar and add eggs to your salad, or take ten minutes and chop up loads of veg when you get the time and that makes the lunch-making process much faster.

Allisgood1 · 03/03/2015 19:18

Thanks for the suggestions. Will try some avocado topped with olive oil and flaxseed blend. Co yo yoghurts are yummy but SO expensive. Will have to wait for them to go on sale. I'm not losing much weight so obviously not eating enough. Don't want my milk supply to suffer either! Will look at muffin in a minute, sounds very interesting!!

OP posts:
Allisgood1 · 04/03/2015 17:03

Prof, muffin in a minute is fab Smile I EnvyEnvyEnvy it! Thank you!

OP posts:
Milllli · 09/03/2015 17:16

Cheese croutons done in the oven?

Milllli · 09/03/2015 17:21
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