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Bloody sick of eggs! Breakfast ideas please

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Bogeyface · 27/02/2015 12:27

That dont include eggs or any form or pork product, sick of bacon too!

Normally I make a crustless quiche and grab a slice every morning, its lovely hot or cold. But....after several weeks of this it has got rather boring!

Oh and no yoghurt, my tummy doesnt like it!

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TywysogesGymraeg · 27/02/2015 12:29

Fruit smoothie, fruit salad, smoked mackerel, salmon,chicken... it doesn't have to be the usual breakfast type stuff

Bogeyface · 27/02/2015 12:37

Chicken could work.

Am off fruit at the moment, too much sugar and I have 8 weeks to be sylph like for H's 50th (well alright, maybe not sylph like, but at least not the hippo-in-a-dress look I am rocking at the moment :o )

Not thought of smoked mackerel either. I have been tempted to try kippers but my mother says they absolutely stink, so that kind of put me off!

OP posts:
nikki1978 · 27/02/2015 12:41

Smoked salmon and cream cheese roll ups?

TywysogesGymraeg · 27/02/2015 14:37

Ooooh! I love kippers. They do smell though.

Ham and cream cheese?

Those little packets of sliced chicken breast you get in supermarkets - chlli and lime etc - are expensive lovely - you could have those

Bogeyface · 27/02/2015 14:43

Not keen on smoked salmon, but ham and cream cheese would be ok. Its not bacony so I am alright with that!

Aldi do nice Torchon ham, will get a couple of pack of that in, and might give kippers a go when everyone else is out for the day :o

Thanks all :)

OP posts:
MonstrousRatbag · 27/02/2015 14:50

Tinned sardines;
Smoked haddock fillet with spinach (I buy these frozen and just microwave them. Once you stop being sick of eggs you could put a fried egg on top);
Asparagus spears and melted butter;
Corned beef hash, use butternut squash instead of potato;
Carb-free pancakes (recipes here;
Sausages and grilled tomato and mushrooms;
Duxelles (mushrooms cooked with onions and cream);
Protein smoothie: almond milk, peanut butter, whey protein powder, dollop of Greek yoghurt, vanilla extract.

BaronessBomburst · 05/03/2015 17:41

Nuts. I love walnuts and dried fruit (figs, prunes) with strong black coffee.
No good if you want to cut back on fruit though. :(

Lovewhereilive · 17/03/2015 19:40

I had scrambled eggs, avocado and chorizo today, it was yum! Sorry I know it's eggs.

DrinkFeckArseGirls · 17/03/2015 20:41

Dried fruits is up to 75 g of carbs per 100 so it's a no for low-carber!

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