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Low-carb diets

weight loss slowed down.

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therenter · 07/02/2015 14:10

I am in my 5th week of low carbing (weigh in tomorrow). So far my weigh ins have been -4lbs (week 1), -4lbs (week 2), -3lbs week 3 and last week I only lost -1lbs- this week I am looking at only losing another 1lb (I am a terrible scale hopper). I have changed nothing in my low carb diet and have not cheated at all.
I know that -1 is still a loss but in the past when I have low carbed I have at least lost 2-3lbs per week. Although I have included exercise in the past also.
At present I am finding exercising impossible- I have hurt my foot and am in some degree of discomfort all day but evening s are far worse pain wise and if I try to do anything more than walk on it the pain is unreal.
I have borrowed my sisters vibration machine and am doing what exercises I can on there (squats- crunches etc). I do feel slimmer but the slow weight loss is excruciating! I had AF visit this week and that finished on Thursday.
Any likely hood my weight loss could pick up again or is this it for me do u think?

OP posts:
StuntNun · 07/02/2015 20:20

Keep it up and in one year you'll have lost four stone. That doesn't sound one bit disheartening.

therenter · 08/02/2015 11:39

I suppose if u look at it like that it doesn't look to bad at all. Thanku :-)

OP posts:
pootlebug · 09/02/2015 12:35

The high initial weight losses on the first week or two of a low carb diet are not sustainable.

After that initial period weight-loss slows down - and may well fluctuate so that occasionally you appear to have gained, followed by a larger loss, etc.

If you keep losing 1lb per week, that is sustainable weight-loss rather than crash-diet weight loss.

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