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Low-carb diets

Does this sound right

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Octopus37 · 01/10/2014 17:57

Have been doing low carbs since Monday. Today have had the following:

Greek yoghurt with a handful of berries (realised Greek yoghurt is lower in carbs. A handful of almonds
An antipasta pack comprising olives, sundried tomatos and manchego cheese
A bag of cashew nuts (about 100g). I was starving, do realise that they are not the lowest carb nut.
An omlette made with 2 eggs, stilton and feta cheese.

Not finding it too bad overall. Other things I have been eating include mushrooms with the omelettes, other veg and yesterday I had 2 roast chicken legs for lunch.
Tomorrow I am trying the muffin in a minute recipe.

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bananaballoo · 02/10/2014 07:38

If you have just started I would hold off on the greek yoghurt, sundried tomatoes and almonds. If you are in maintenance phase then all ok. 20g of carbs to begin with then increase carbs to 30-40 grams a day. X

Octopus37 · 02/10/2014 19:26

Thanks, don't think I will manage on 20g tbh, but have lost 2 pounds this week.


Greek yoghurt with berries again.
A few almonds
A muffin in a minute (low carb recipe with flaxseed) with peanut butter (sugar free)
Some brazil nuts
Some coleslaw
Cauliflower cheese and some bacon

I am finding that my energy levels are a bit better without slump

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