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Low-carb diets

carb flu? feel yuk

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fruitpastille · 03/09/2014 10:29

Hi, newbie to low carbing. Dh and I started on Monday bootcamp style. Doing ok in terms of hunger. I had a bad headache yesterday eve but thought it might be partly due to bad nights sleep. I woke up this morning feeling worse! Quite nauseous and feeble. I didn't even want to eat but with school run thought I'd better! Really couldn't stomach yog or eggs so I had one oatcake with butter and bovril. By the time I got outside k felt ok to walk. I sipped a drink and nibbled a Brazil nut en route and feel better now. I am wondering whether to stick to it or be a bit less strict? I am breastfeeding about 3 times a day and have about 10 pounds to lose if that makes a difference.

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fruitpastille · 03/09/2014 22:15


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yumyumpoppycat · 03/09/2014 22:51

Have you cut out caffeine, that can cause headaches and you don't have to cut caffeine to low carb. Also Paracetamol does help reduce the symptoms. Another possibility is that you need to eat more food.

Having said all that considering you are breastfeeding and only have 10lb to lose maybe you could skip ultra low carb or counting carbs and just avoid the carbs you eat most that you suspect cause the problems (for me just cutting wheat covers a lot of it).

miffy49 · 03/09/2014 23:28

If you are breast feeding, and given that you have less than a stone to lose, I would go more for Boot Camp Light or even just reduce your carbs. You can lose weight on low carb without getting into ketosis. Maybe look more towards the Primal way of eating which is healthy but a bit more liberal. Check out Mark's Daily Apple and Primal Blueprint.

fruitpastille · 04/09/2014 06:44

Well, I feel ok this morning, although not yet out of bed! I haven't given up caffeine - I don't think I would manage this diet without a proper cuppa! I am going to checkout boot camp light...

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BIWI · 04/09/2014 06:48

Agree, Bootcamp is definitely not for you if you're breastfeeding.

However, things you can do to alleviate carb flu:

  • drink more water
  • eat plenty of fat
  • keep your sodium/magnesium/potassium levels up, which means cooking with salt, adding salt to food and drinking things like a drink made with Oxo/Marmite/Bovril; salmon, avocado, spinach and full fat natural yoghurt

Hope you're feeling better soon! It should pass within another day or so
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