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Low-carb diets

Would this approach work?

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seagull70 · 30/07/2014 16:31

I am very interested in the benefits of LC'ing - I need to lose weight and reduce my cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

However I honestly can't be faffed with watching things too closely, especially evening meals. We have a large family and DH travels away a lot so I often need to come up with a family meal that everyone eats that is nutritious, economical etc.

I am happy to have my own low carb breakfast and lunch - but evening meals are trickier. I can obviously opt to leave out the bread, or have less rice and more veg but I'm not always going to be able to avoid the carbs.

So for example now, I feel as if I'm in ketosis following a low carb breakfast and lunch but after dinner tonight (even though I'll be careful) I'll probably come out of it.

Is this pointless in the long term? The to'ing and fro'ing from ketosis? Or will it still work but perhaps on a slower timescale?

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TillyWilly · 02/08/2014 16:38

You don't have to go very low carb for it to work. Look on the web at various sites. Some people do 100g carbs per day others go as low as 25g. You may lose slower but it has to be sustainable for you and your family otherwise you will end up giving up. Read all you can on the web/books etc and then tailor it for you. That's the way to be successful long term and be able to keep at it. I just read a thread where someones sister ,Essmum if think, eats low carb all week and normal on the weekend. Others have a cheat day and others still eat more paleo which is still lowish carb but allows much more food choices but it is very healthy as you eat more natural.

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