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Low-carb diets

starting low carb tomorrow,can you cast an eye over my meal plan?

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sniffysnifferson · 20/07/2014 09:35

So starting low carb tomorrow after my work colleague has had fabulous results!

So my meals planned for tomorrow are;


2 eggs with butter halloumi cheese, cherry tomatoes and ham.


Tin of tuna with full fat mayo and olive oil dressed salad.


Small portion of total ff yoghurt


Salmon with olive oil roasted veg (courgette,butternut squash, mushroom, broccoli, onion?)

Is this ok?

OP posts:
SchroSawMargeryDaw · 20/07/2014 11:59

I'd say the only problems there are the butternut squash (might be okay in very small amounts) and onion (a full onion is 33 carbs!).

sniffysnifferson · 20/07/2014 16:04

Crikey, never thought they'd be that bad! So onions and squash are out then!

OP posts:
Iamblossom · 20/07/2014 16:09

Looks pretty good to me. Maybe not have tomatoes every day.

Iamblossom · 20/07/2014 16:10

Recommend making own mayo.....light coloured olive oil, eggs, bit of salt, blitz. Done.

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 20/07/2014 16:54

I hadn't even noticed the tomatoes! Yeah, I only use them sparingly too.
I was shocked at the onion too.

Fourarmsv2 · 20/07/2014 19:05

Careful with the ham - lots have added sugar in them. Shop bought mayo can also vary widely in carbs. Helmans is OK, or Delouis Fils which I buy in Waitrose.

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