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Low-carb diets

Fell off low carb wagon yesterday and lost weight!

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mrscardigan · 06/07/2014 12:23

I've been low carbing/exercising for months and have lost a stone. Yay!
However, in the last three/four weeks despite low carbing I've lost not one pound!
Yesterday I went to a barbecue and, despite good intentions, had the usual burgers, sausages, bread, cakes, wine, etc and today have woken up 2 pounds lighter! How does that work?
I'm desperate to lose a few more pounds before big holiday coming up. Can anyone explain I've not lost anything for past few weeks when I've been eating the same low carb foods I have been for months? But then lose weight after eating junk food?

OP posts:
BIWI · 06/07/2014 13:41

I believe it's known as a 'carb refeed'. I can't remember how it works, but it's often recommended as a way to break a stall.

The key to it, though, is to get back on the low carb wagon asap and keep going rather than start to inhale carbs again!

BIWI · 06/07/2014 13:43
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