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Low-carb diets

Hello! (Waves)

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CharlieLf · 15/06/2014 10:49

Morning all,

Just wanted to say hi, you have no idea how happy I am that I found you!! Am defecting from that other site! And being able to talk all things diety is brilliant!

I keep getting fed up with people just not willing to entertain the idea that low fat is daft, and fat is good, so will be really interested to get some tips to help me stay on track!

I was doing lchf before I got pregnant and lost about 2 stone ish, baby is now 6 months but was 3 m early. Started dieting again in April, but am bf and so far all seems ok supply wise, I tend to think that as you're not cutting calories and eating lots of lovely fat that all should be fine. Have lost 24lbs in this time but have either been super strict and lost loads quickly or experimented a bit and sort of stalled. Now have 12lb to lose to get to pre pregnancy weight, but am taking a long term view and trying to find my 18 year old self so a minimum of two stone to go, preferably 4!!

Sorry for pointless post, just wanted to say hi!!


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