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Low-carb diets

packed lunches

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elvenbread · 14/06/2014 16:53

Im looking for some low carb packed lunch ideas for when I go off the Cambridge diet shakes.
I don't like cheese, nuts, seeds or fish which makes it hard!
At lunch time I don't have access a kitchen or fridge.

The only thing I can think of is salad. Help please.

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kazzawazzawoo · 14/06/2014 17:38

Chicken drumsticks, hard boiled eggs, cold frittata or crustless quiche?

elvenbread · 14/06/2014 18:40

Eggs might work. I'm reluctant to take chicken in the summer as there's no fridge.

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HeyMicky · 14/06/2014 18:43

Can you get a small soft insulated cooler? Pop a freezer brick in, then you have more options as food won't spoil

elvenbread · 14/06/2014 19:13

Yeah I could do that. Are there any flavoured/fruit yogs that are low carb?

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kazzawazzawoo · 14/06/2014 19:20

I don't think so, but I get full fat natural yoghurt and then stir defrosted frozen raspberries into it- lovely.

elvenbread · 14/06/2014 19:35

Think it'll have to be salads. I just hate most low carb foods.

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