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Low-carb diets

Why am I not hungry?

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rainyrainrain · 13/06/2014 17:23

Day 3 of low carbing. Not strictly doing boot camp, allowing myself nuts and almost all veg. I haven't read the Briffa book yet but have read around the topic on here. Had a bit of a headache the first two days but with drinking more water that is gone.
Now this is a bit of a miracle but I seem to have lost interest in food.I am not snacking on anything apart from the odd nut.(normally constantly nibbling, while cooking dinner for example) I noticed I eat much smaller portions compared to the mountains of carbs I was having and I'm not really interested in eating dinner. Is it really that easy? Do I just eat if I'm hungry? Stupid question I know, but I'm breastfeeding 7 month old DD so I'm worried it might affect my supply.
Do you find you eat much less because what you do eat is quite rich(meat, butter etc)?

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