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Ketosis.. Burning body fat or dietary fat?? Help!

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Citymouse · 04/06/2014 10:20

I know I'm in ketosis because the little sticks tell me so.. And I know in BC we're supposed to eat as much fat as we want (which I have been doing).

But ketostix only measure ketones-can anyone please tell me whether in ketosis you're burning body fat or dietary fat (the fat I'm eating) or a bit of both. I have trawled the internet and haven't found a definitive answer, everyone seems to say something different Confused

Thank you.. And I did a search but if someone's already answered this somewhere please just shove me in the right direction!

OP posts:
BIWI · 04/06/2014 21:24


BOFster · 11/06/2014 21:53

Have you got a link, BIWI? I'm curious about this too. From my understanding, it's not a great idea to restrict calories, as the body's response is hunger and cravings, and the likelihood of Oh Fuck It eating.

BIWI · 11/06/2014 22:48

Will see what I can find tomorrow, BOF.

Dr Briffa is always good re calories/not restricting calories - and Google the Minnesota Experiment

BIWI · 13/06/2014 22:13
PrincessOfChina · 13/06/2014 22:16

I went into ketosis when I was in labour. They put me on a drip immediately. Is this a different type?

BIWI · 14/06/2014 08:09


Are you sure you don't mean ketoacidosis?

BIWI · 14/06/2014 08:10

Ketosis simply means burning fat

Fluffycloudland77 · 14/06/2014 08:22

That was probably keto acidosis, diabetics get it if they go off their meds.

miffy49 · 14/06/2014 13:41

Yes, thats a totally different process. It causes a lot of confusion as even some medical professionals don't seen to be aware of the difference. Ketoacidosis is a whole different ball game!

PrincessOfChina · 14/06/2014 19:39

Ah, that's interesting! I was three days into a four day labour so may have just heard the start and filled in the gaps! I will google that with interest.

PrincessOfChina · 14/06/2014 19:41
BIWI · 15/06/2014 00:03

Ketosis is just about your body burning fat. It isn't a dangerous condition, as most of us have plenty of fat to burn. Why on earth you would be put on a drip to deal with this is ridiculous!

BIWI · 15/06/2014 00:10

To be honest, PrincessofChina, if you were 3 days into a 4 day labour, your biochemistry was probably all over the place. It's quite different from if you're trying to lose weight.

PrincessOfChina · 15/06/2014 08:18

That's really interesting, I'd assumed it was a different process but was a bit confused. Thanks!

BIWI · 15/06/2014 14:01

... and I've only just clocked your post properly. A four day labour?! WTAF! Poor you.

HippyTea · 15/06/2014 16:23

Dietary fat is a micronutrient your body needs. The "low fat" diet shit thrown at us from all angles makes a lot of people think that dietary fat = body fat but it doesn't. Body fat comes from excess intake of food, which means eating more protein, carbs and fats than your body needs. When your body is in a state of ketosis your body burns ketones which means your body switches from burning its food sources to burning its own body fat.

PrincessOfChina · 15/06/2014 16:58

Yeah, it was tedious. Especially as I spent it all on the labour ward and ended with a EMCS. I'll be requesting an ELCS next time, the ketosis will play a part in my argument!

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 18/06/2014 19:17

Princess I went in to ketosis in labour too (had been on day 4 of 4 days of contractions and waters going). I still don't know why, but I read up on ketosis after that and apparently extreme physical exertion can cause ketosis as well. They just put me on electrolyte drips to sort it.

I would like to know what fat I am burning too as although the sticks say I am in ketosis I am eating loads of cream and cheese and don't want to bugger it up!

SchroSawMargeryDaw · 18/06/2014 19:18

Just seen that Hippytea answered this several days ago. Oops, sorry!

Cookiepants · 18/06/2014 19:25

Princess I was in ketosis (mild) on and off through pregnancy (hg) and had a 3 day labour. If you haven't ingested adequate energy for the activity you are engaged in (labour) you're body releases energy by burning your body fat. Lots of toxins in the body are stored in fat and get released when the fat is broken down. This leads to a drop in your blood pH = ketosis/ ketoacidosis.

Most of the time you can correct this yourself with no problem however if you are in a compromised state for example in labour I can see why they would have treated this for you.

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