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Low-carb diets

New to LC, how does this menu look?

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HeyJules · 06/05/2014 11:21

Breakfast- 2 egg omelette cooked in butter with spinach and mushrooms.
Snack- celery with full fat cream cheese
Lunch- prawn salad with lettuce spinach red onion 1/2 avocado asparagus and drizzled with olive oil.
Snack- almonds
Dinner- Salmon with spinach broccoli cauliflower with butter.
This comes in at 90g fat, 17g carbs and 73g protein with a macro split 69F 25P 6C.
Do I look to be on the right track here?

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MelanieCheeks · 06/05/2014 16:40

That looks along the right lines. Where are you getting the macro details from? It will depend on the actual quantity of your veg, of course.

HeyJules · 06/05/2014 16:44

MelanieCheeks I entered it into MFP :) I entered the veg quantities in grams so will make sure I weigh everything out correctly when I make the meals

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MelanieCheeks · 06/05/2014 16:50

Good plan. You can see from MFP where the big carb-hitters are - just make sure the items do have all the elements listed, sometimes the database only gives the calories.

HeyJules · 06/05/2014 17:59

eek here we go! I've been gluten/sugar free for a while now but have been eating a lot of fruits/veg. Think the hardest for me will be giving up my lentils and chickpeas etc! But I have 25lbs left to lose that just will not budge so this is sort of a last resort thing

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LackaDAISYcal · 06/05/2014 18:06

Hi HeyJules, come and join in with the Low Carb Bootcamp

Lots of support regarding menus etc and a weekly weigh in if you want. you don;t have to put in your actual weight if you don't want to though!

HeyJules · 06/05/2014 18:11

Thanks LackaDaisycal I just posted on there :) I just can't seem to lose the last 20lbs and am fairly sure I have some sort of hormone imbalance as I fit all the boxes!! I'm going to the docs tomorrow and hopefully will get referred to an endocrinologist because with the amount of exercise I do and how healthy my diet is I am sure something is not right. Although I'm not "low carb" yet I still eat around 100g max a day which is low compared to the standard diet. Very frustrating!

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