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Low-carb diets

Help cut my food bill for body building dh, low carb/high protein diets

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steppyhen · 16/03/2014 18:47

My Dh is on a low carb / high protein diet.
Looking for some cheap meal idea that i could cook in bulk atm his meals include steak with broccoli, cod with broccoli, omelettes.
Fat content must be low but a little fat isnt an issue.
Please can anyone offer some meal ideas my shopping bill is sooo high.

OP posts:
Confuseddd · 16/03/2014 19:02

Buy veg in season. Street markets are best value. Or Lidl. A cabbage does 4 meals, brocolli only 2.

Real baked beans (haricot beans in a homemade tomato sauce)
Haricot beans, tinned tuna, raw onion and parsley. Great for lunches
Sausages and puy lentils
Bolognaese sauce with cabbage/ brocolli instead of spaghetti
Try different types of fish such as pollock - cheaper. Ask your fishmonger
Slow cooked meats are cheaper - eg lamb shoulder or chuck steak. Make stews and roasts
Eggs are cheap. Huevos rancheros. Sauté onions. Add chopped veg and a bit of chorizo if you have it. Add beaten eggs. Very quick to do.

The Sugar Detox diet by Brooke Alpert has good menu ideas.

giraffeseatpineapples · 22/03/2014 13:43

Could you bulk buy a box of steaks online and freese some

BIWI · 22/03/2014 22:48

If he's low carbing, then it needs to be high fat. It's the fat that he will be burning for energy.

wafflingworrier · 26/03/2014 19:31

low carb lasagne-spag bol as you normally would, but with less tomatoes, layer thinly sliced courgette instead of pasta then ontop have cheese and egg mixed together-bulk freeze spagbol then on the day assemble

cheaper cuts of meat are great if slowcooked so you could do slowcooked gammon with buttered cabbage
stir fry with lots of egg and cabbage rather than meat and pasta helps keep cost down (u can buy low carb+sugar soy sauce)

lots of hard boiled eggs and bacon shredded on top of salad (look for reduced ones at supermarkets, if possible without carrot in) up to 3 tablespoons of mayo a day is ok, so you can make it with a nice mayo or yoghurt dressing

if you buy frozen fish fillets they are very cheap, they do shrink a lot when cooked so defrost double what you think you need. I bung in the oven with garlic in foil for 30mins+washed and de-seeded peppers, then eat with cabbage or spinach.
fresh spinach can be expensive but again, you can buy frozen or canned

nappyaddict · 14/05/2014 12:22

I buy cheap cuts of meat and use my slow cooker a lot. Aldi is really cheap for fruit, veg and meat. These are the cheapest meat prices I have found.

Minced beef 3.59/kg aldi
Minced pork 2.98/kg aldi
Lamb breast 4.89/kg aldi
Lamb shoulder 6.49/kg aldi
Lamb blade 6.79/kg morrisons
Frozen lamb shanks 6/kg heron foods (these are a treat as they do come in a mint gravy although they are still low carb)
Beef brisket 6.79/kg aldi
Pork shoulder 3/kg asda
Gammon 3.76/kg aldi (I think this does have nitrates though)
Free range chicken 3.33/kg aldi
Chicken thighs 2.65/kg aldi
Boneless chicken thighs 4.99/kg aldi
Pork belly joint tesco 3/kg
Steak 10.73/kg aldi

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