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Low-carb diets

less tan 20g/day but no weight loss

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Jelly15 · 18/01/2014 13:01

My average daily is less than 20g. It works out at around 2000 calls. Shouldn't the weight be falling off me? I lost over three stone up to Christmas but nothing is happening since I returned to my low carving. I Sam a little despondent now.

OP posts:
FourArms · 18/01/2014 15:12

What would an average day look like? Higher fat = higher loss for me, but I don't even look at calories, just carbs and fibre.

pussycatdoll · 18/01/2014 15:17

I only lose weight when I eat 1,500
I thought 2000 was for maintenance?

janmoomoo · 30/01/2014 11:02

Jelly I am the same. Did low carb bootcamp before christmas and lost 9lbs in three weeks. Lost it over christmas and put quite a lot back on. Now I am determined to get it off again and more. But I have been low carbing for ten days and I have put on one pound! My body seems to be saying I know that trick! I have started uber bootcamp today as per BIWIs spreadsheet, lets see if that gets things kick started.

I think the calories are irrelevant on this WOE, just count carbs and up your fat intake, and more water.

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