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Low-carb diets

mid afternoon slump - help low carb gurus !!

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arightoldbag · 01/01/2014 17:08

I've been doing this woe for 7 days and not cheated and I've lost 3-4 pounds which I'm jolly pleased with.

However around 4pm for last 2-3 days I've run out of energy and become seriously grouchy. I've had to sit in my bed grumbling to myself.

What's happening? My diet before was v high in sugar and refined carbs. I'm now eating protein fat and veggies and trying to drink buckets of water. I'm still having a can of d coke and drinking tea with milk. I'm not exercising yet but getting pots of sleep.

Is it sugar withdrawal?


Bag xxx

OP posts:
CocoCha · 01/01/2014 17:10

A slice of cheese with a spread of peanut butter is my cure. Also ditch the diet coke, it's nasty stuff.

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