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Low-carb diets

thought it would improve my IBS ?

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bacon · 05/12/2013 22:36

I'm doing Primal for many reasons but thought my windy, dragging, heavy occasional pains would disappear but its worse. All these veg and salad seems to be churning and in the morning can make me feel yuk.

Apart from knocking back the pills is there any remedy for this?

OP posts:
KateBeckett · 05/12/2013 22:53

Depending on your IBS triggers brassica veg could well make you worse.

Can't remember if it is soluble or insoluble fibre which is supposed to help but white pasta always helped me (until I seed to develop wheat as a trigger. I'm now back to square 1 and have very little clue!)

Sorry you are finding it difficult, it's a horrid illness.

giraffeseatpineapples · 06/12/2013 19:05

Paleo/ primal doesn't suit some people for this reason. I think the people who do best are those who have undiagnosed gluten sensitivites and maybe thats not the case for you?

It might not be the veg by itself, this is a cut an paste, I know you are not describing constipation but possibly still applies:
Some foods can worsen IBS-related constipation. These include:
Refined breads and cereals
Refined foods such as chips and cookies
Drinks such as coffee, carbonated drinks, and alcohol
High-protein diets
Dairy products, especially cheese

So the bottom two or three on the list would apply with a primal diet. Paleo excludes dairy,
Maybe a food diary would help you figure out the triggers?

Hope you figure it out.

SolidGold · 06/12/2013 21:28

Try googling FODMAP. There is a list of things that can cause IBS.

I find pulses, brassica, wheat cause me problems. Have you tried taking a daily probiotic capsule?

giraffeseatpineapples · 06/12/2013 21:42

Solidgold - I looked at Fodmaps but got a bit confused with that and sibo - did you try excluding fodmaps for a while?

Onions, kidney beans, raw oats and excess of wheat can cause me problems - def some common themes.

SolidGold · 06/12/2013 22:23

Yes I excluded all of them at first and then introduced them after a few months, one at a time, to see which caused problems.

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