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Low-carb diets

Low carb veg diet is giving me horrendous diarrhoea!

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JacqueslePeacock · 03/12/2013 19:28

Blush Any ideas why?? At this rate I will lose lots of weight just because I can't get out of the bathroom to eat anything.

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ItsAllGoingToBeFine · 03/12/2013 19:32

Is it a massive diet change?

Vegetables do contain a lot of soluble fibre, and if you previously lived on meat and processed shit then your stomach might take a wee hwile to adjust.

If it s not uncontrolloble/uncomfortable I'd give it a few days and see if you adjust.

JacqueslePeacock · 03/12/2013 19:38

No, I've been vegetarian for years, and have never eaten much processed crap. Confused

The odd thing is that I did the first three weeks on the diet fine. Then the diarrhoea started and I suffered it badly for a fortnight before giving up and eating lots of plain stodgy carbs (bananas, toast, rice, etc) for a week. I recovered beautifully and yesterday I restarted low carb. This afternoon the stomach pains have started and now the %#$%¥+~^ing diarrhoea is back. I am baffled.

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JacqueslePeacock · 06/12/2013 19:08

Oh God - I am seriously unwell again today. I am going to have to quit this. Which is a real shame as I did brilliantly on it a few years ago (before DC) - lost weight very well and felt great. I just can't understand what's gone wrong.

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JacqueslePeacock · 11/12/2013 23:46

After another couple of days off low-carb (with no stomach issues) I restarted the diet on Monday. Today I have been violently ill with stomach cramps, diarrhoea and nausea. WTF is wrong with my digestive system?

Today I have eaten:

  • 2 boiled eggs
  • small bowl mushroom soup
  • 1 piece dark chocolate
  • shredded kale salad
  • 3 vegetarian sausages
  • small portion of scrambled eggs
  • half avocado

Is there anything in there that should be making me so sick???
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ouryve · 11/12/2013 23:49

Eggs can liquefy everything or completely set it solid). Do you normally have so many in your diet?

ouryve · 11/12/2013 23:50

Also, are you drinking plenty of water?

JacqueslePeacock · 11/12/2013 23:54

No, I don't normally have eggs twice a day, but do normally have eggs for breakfast (am struggling to find vegetarian sources of protein otherwise). I thought eggs were generally binding though?

I'm drinking tons of water, yes. I always have had a minimum of 2 litres a day.

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