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Low-carb diets

Help please, where do I start (Pescatarian)

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pudding25 · 23/09/2013 15:14

I have been feeling like crap and I know I feel better when I cut back on the carbs. I mainly eat vegetarian but do eat some fish. Can anyone help me with the basics. Also, I know that if I don't calorie count, I do tend to put on weight as I can quite easily eat a tub of cream cheese and a ton of nuts!

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giraffeseatpineapples · 24/09/2013 21:17

No experience of this myself but I remember reading about Mark sissons wife carries sissons, she didnt adopt primal lifstyle at first because she is a vegetarian but now does by including fish. That would make her kind of low carb pescetarian.

KinkyDorito · 25/09/2013 07:35

Join bootcamp and the vegetarian thread for some ideas. I've been doing it fine for 4 weeks now and am noticing health improvements. I've lost about 13lbs too, although it does fluctuate a lot on this WOE.

If you do it to the letter, you stop wanting to eat as much, which is certainly the best thing about it for me as I'm very greedy!

My day today will be:

3 eggs scrambled in butter
Tuna mayonnaise with baby spinach and a small avocado
Stir fried marinated tofu and veg in coconut oil and soy sauce

Water, herbal tea and maybe some olives or seed mix if I want a snack. I also have decaff coffee with some cream in it.

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