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Low-carb diets

How long does carb burning take to become ketosis

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Torrorosso · 22/08/2013 17:34

I've only just embarked on this woe and am struggling to come to terms with eating fat.

I'm confused by the references to carb burning and ketosis phases - how do you know which one you're in, and how long , typically, does it take to reach that second stage.

This week I've put on a pound, but I know I haven't switched properly yet

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BlackAffronted · 22/08/2013 17:47

Usually takes a day or two and up to 2 weeks. I can tell im in it because my hunger disappears, I pee a lot and my teeth feel funny for a day!

Are you following bootcamp rules?

Torrorosso · 22/08/2013 18:17

Thanks - yes I am following bootcamp and have done for a few days, but I think milk in tea and coffee has scuppered me a bit.

I'm not hungry at all today which must be a good sign.

We're going to a party at the weekend where I think I'll fall off the wagon though - the host is a superb cook - but will try to get back on straight afterwards.

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