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Carb eating remorse winge

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hazchem · 07/07/2013 07:49

Ok so I've done bootcamp before and it makes me feel great, I lose weight, my skin gets better, my mood improves, my stomach doesn't go crazy every few days. So I know that steering clear of carbs is good for me.

So why for the 4th day in a row have a sabotaged myself! Why Can't I give myself a pep talk which encourages me to leave the carbs alone instead of saying " its ok , just have one more day on the carbs"

Stuff isn;t great at the moment but it's not terrible. I need a kick. Or a hand to hold to get me though the first few days.

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TheFallenNinja · 07/07/2013 08:19

Carbs never solved a problem :-)

Read the bit about what you gain from steering clear and remind yourself.

hiddenhome · 07/07/2013 17:17

Carbs are an addiction and you don't want to be addicted to anything Smile

IvanaCake · 08/07/2013 15:02

you could be me, only I've been sabotaging myself for a fortnight now! I had my best week for ages a couple of weeks ago and lost 3 pounds, and somehow my head talked me into believing that because I'd lost those 3 pounds I could spend 2 weeks eating and drinking all manner of crap.

I'll be facing the music on the scales in the morning and I'm expecting to have put a good half stone on again. I could kick myself for being such a twat, and I'm really worried I won't find the motivation to get going again. This was going to be it for me fir weight loss. I can't stay this fat any longer Sad

hazchem · 09/07/2013 02:03

TheFallenNinja Yes that is right remind myself what is good anput steering clear.
hiddenhome the addict thing has really hit me where is hurts. the self talk about justifying why it's ok to have fruit toast or chocolate is what an addict does.

IvanaCake I don't want to be this fat any longer either! Lets get back on the band wagon. Right now!

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