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Low-carb diets

meat free paleo/primal

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infamouspoo · 03/06/2013 13:59

I read through the very long thread but thought I'd start another. I went grain free a few months back when I was diagnosed with coeliacs and sugar free just seemed to follow. Low carbing is hapening all by itself much to my surprise and weight is falling off.
I eat fish but not meat so am looking for support, recipes, ideas and a general intro to this primal idea as I'd never heard of it before that thread.
Weirdly enough even the smell of pasta makes me gag now. Everyone else in the house is still high carb n sugar so meals are tricky.

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BlackAffronted · 03/06/2013 16:50

Have you had a look at the chowstalker website? It has a lot of primal/paleo recipes, you can search by ingerdient etc. You will probably find it quite useful :)

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