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Renting in London with a toddler- let's team up.

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Littlemissmuffet99 · 04/06/2023 13:02

I am a 34 year old woman who wishes to go back to work and move back to London where they are more opportunities. I have a 3 year old toddler and I was wondering if any mum's would like to team up and rent either a house or a large flat in London.
Previously I lived in London for 6 years and I am familiar with Richmond, Putney, clapham, Bayswater. Not expecting to live there as it's expensive but just wanted to point out that I am not new to London.
Please get in touch if something like that is of interest to you as currently where I am in the north of England there aren't many opportunities.

OP posts:
Ladymama12 · 04/06/2023 13:29

Just wanted to say what a lovely opportunity this sounds like. Such a great idea. Good luck i really hope it works out.

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