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transfer to bigger flat but neighbour has upset me!

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guineagents · 06/07/2010 14:53

Ok so after waiting 3 years for a transfer and giving up hope( told by HA would wait 11 years for 2 bed) I am eventually doing a swap with a mate who has a 2 bedroom place for my garden. Me n my 3 year old DS will be moving in 6 weeks!

My DS will eventually have his own bedroom- hoorah!! Am so excited for him and he seems very happy. Trouble is his new room is very tiny (about 8" x8")Was chatting to a neighbour today who commented that she wouldn't put a kid in that as she had a store cupboard bigger than that. Ouch.

I guess im just being sensitive but now I feel like a crappy mum. Im not usually materialistic, so guess I should just get over it but I feel like im sticking in him a bloody broom cupbaord

OP posts:
theITgirl · 06/07/2010 14:55

DD's room is smaller than that. So I wouldn't worry

diggingintheribs · 06/07/2010 15:06

My ds' first room was 6x6! Managed to fit in cotbed, changing table drawers and a 60cm wide tall cupboard.

You will easily fit enough furniture in an 8x8!

My 3 year old has a bigger room now but he only sleeps in there and will occasionally play in there but not really.

When he's older (or now if you're comfortable) you can get a cabin bed so all the storage is underneath and gives more floor space

LadyBiscuit · 06/07/2010 15:12

Oh for goodness' sake! I had to share a bedroom until I left home!

Don't let your mean and bitter neighbour spoil your happiness. Congratulations

FranSanDisco · 06/07/2010 15:15

Did you ask her to swap with you for her large cupboard? All the houses on this road have 3rd bedrooms that size and they are used as kids bedrooms. Your neighbour is obviously mad as a box of frogs.

guineagents · 06/07/2010 16:18

just got measurements and it's even smaller lol! 7.8" squared!

Thanks for replies- it's probabaly just PMT that her comment got to me

OP posts:
cestlavielife · 06/07/2010 16:24

oh please. he is only 3 ! hardly needs a mansion...

get him a nice cabin bed (try argos) check measurements - not ikea as they tend to be too long... he will love it !

TheLadyEvenstar · 06/07/2010 16:34

Argos do Shorty beds

muggglewump · 06/07/2010 16:38

Take no notice.
My DD has a double bedroom (two bed house, both doubles of almost identical size) and she has never played in there.
She's 8 and would far rather be down here with me.
She sleeps in her room, and keeps her toys in it.
I sometimes wish her room was smaller so she couldn't keep so much crap many toys.

Helenastar · 06/07/2010 16:42

Dont worry about what neighbour says, most 2nd or 3rd bedrooms are weeny, and kids seem to manage.
My DDs bedroom is tiny, it has enough room for a bed, wardrobe and small bookcase and not much else but she loves it, we were in a hostel till last year and before that 1 bedroom flat so it is bliss.
Your DS will be happy to have his own little space, dont let snobby neighbours get you down, life is too short

guineagents · 06/07/2010 17:48

I guess my worries were also to do with if he grows out of it cos be now way id ever get a move again cos it is classed as 2 bed.

I know he's alright now but cant picture him as a moody teenager in it! Then again mite mean he moves out sooner- (bad mother!)

OP posts:
haribomum · 06/07/2010 23:39

i really wouldnt worry! my dd age 4 yrs had a tiny room in our old flat compared to a big room before and she didnt even notice!!

you can make the room look exciting by decorating and putting up shelves to store toys books etc and get some toy boxes that will fit under the bed. alongside a nice picture on the wall and curtains i am sure it will look beautiful and your son will be thrilled!!

i have sen some pretty depressing sights of dcs with huge empty rooms with no curtains or toys etc and they have been neglected and unhappy. my point is children really arent bothered about this sort of thing, they just need love and stability.

FeelingOld · 07/07/2010 09:26

Its not about how big the room is, its how nice you make it for him.
When me and exh split up and we moved both my dcs have smaller bedrooms and cos we got new furniture and decorated them in the colours they wanted they were excited.

My ds room is small (he is 10 now) so we got him a cabin bed with a small wardrobe, drawers and shelves under it to increase storage space then we have one of those ikea storage units with the boxes you slot into it for his toys. Just fit him in there for now and just adapt as he gets older.

Am sure he will just be happy to be getting his own room.

gillybean2 · 07/07/2010 22:45

My ds has a mid heigh shorty bed which has storage room under it. Plenty of people manage fine in smaller spaces. You just have to plan it a bit more carefully.
Ignore your neighbour, she not worth a moment of your time or thoughts.

SalFresco · 09/07/2010 11:15

DS1's room is 6x8, and when DS2 is older, they will have our room, and we will be sharing this room! Although it is small, there is currently room for bunk beds (full size, with underbed storage boxes) 2 chests of drawers, and two large toyboxes. DS1 mainly plays in the living room or hallway anyway.

Your neighbour is just a bit of a cow really. Enjoy your new home, it sounds so exciting!!

valiumSingleton · 10/07/2010 11:47

When I was a young I lived in a house share in the box room which was 8x8. Happy years actually.

valiumSingleton · 10/07/2010 11:48

a young adult. left out a word!

TheLifeOfRiley · 11/07/2010 19:37

I had a TINY bedroom growing up, had to buy a narrow single bed for it, had that and a chest of drawers in there and then when older a hih cabin bed. I loved my bedroom regardless of the size!

It will be lovely for your DS to have his own room, as other posters have said, just think more about the space when you get furniture in eg storage under bed and wardrobe with drawers underneath. DS has a cheap divan type bed and I have cut two large holes in the fabric panel on the wall side and store stuff in there too.

BertieBotts · 11/07/2010 19:41

I used to share a room and seriously considered moving into the cupboard under the stairs for a bit He will love having his own space, don't worry about what size it is. Teenagers these days are moody on their computers anyway, so he won't need much space for that!

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