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just found out ex-hubby is getting married

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frazzle26 · 31/05/2010 09:28

I've just found out that my ex-hubby is getting married next year. Believe me when i say that I DO NOT want him back. He treated me so badly that I would never want to go back there.

The thing that is making me so upset is that I am still single 2.5 years after splitting up. I've had 1 eight month relationship which i ended as I didn't feel that he was right for me. However, I still feel so upset that he has managed to find happiness so quickly after we split (3 months after we split they got together) whilst I'm still on my own.

Even he admits that I did nothing to cause the split. So, why is it that this nasty man has managed to find happiness whilst I sit lonely in my flat most nights after my son has gone to bed?? He was genuinely so horrible to me that it caused health problems to me while we were together.

I'm sorry if I sound a bit pathetic but this is really upsetting me. All I want is a happy family life and at the moment it seems reall out of reach

OP posts:
cosysocks · 31/05/2010 09:34

Frazzle I can understand why your upset, but just think of yourself as not settling for anyone.
Try and cherish what you have now and that things will become better.

elastamum · 31/05/2010 22:18

Hi Frazzle, Know how you feel.

My serially adulterous ex is getting married soon. The kids are all excited about it and my son was talking about his step mum to me the other day . I am still single and very much on my own. Ex has moved away to be with his new partner so I get little help.

BUT 2 years on I am starting to feel settled and happy again and have just started dating again. My life is my own and I have 2 wonderful children. It is tough and we all have our low moments but it will get better. Hang in there girl.

benbon · 01/06/2010 21:52

i totally know how you feel... my ex husband who didnt want to be married and didnt want to have kids got with someone about 5 months after we split she has 2 kids that he plays happy families with... just makes me mad thay he forgets about his own 2 kids... and im still on my own.. why should he be happy whilst im still on my own...

although i like it think of it that its quite sad that he is unable to be on his own... he feels he has to be with someone to be happy whilst im happy knowing the kids know mummy loves them and puts them first...

LadyLapsang · 07/06/2010 19:00

Statistically men just do remarry more than women, same as they usually leave marriages for another woman. Many don't seem to be able to cope on their own. However, second marriages are also more likely to fail so by not jumping at the first person that comes along and looking after your children you are doing the right thing.

MagalyZz · 07/06/2010 19:04

Well....... do you think he has learnt anything from your relationship breakdown? Do you think he has the ability to stop it going wrong this time 'round?

My x has had a few short term partners since I left him, but I don't think he can make anything work long term. He was vile to me, but also, he was used to me putting up with his shit. Other subsequent girlfriends have been less willing to put up wiht his ways.

I hate my x, but it is galling the way they can skip on with their lives leaving you broke with two kids... (that last bit is very personal obviously)

MagalyZz · 07/06/2010 19:06

ps if I ever get together with anybody else again, it will be absolutely right because I wouldn't bother with less. And, I think I can make a relationship work. Last time, I realised that one person (me) can't make a relationship work!

So if I hear my x is getting married, I would be a bit side-tracked for a while but I wouldn't expect it to last tbh.

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