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adventurousmum · 09/05/2010 21:19

Im in a unhappy relationship and have a 8wk old baby boy who was planned but ever since I got pregnant things have gotten from worse to unbearable. So much so its stopping me from enjoying my new baby and getting me depressed. (When I was overjoyed when I first had him and was out of hospital).<br /> In hospital my partner walked out when visiting after going schitzo after alot of my family visited and one told him to stop messing with baby, as he was about to try and put him in the car seat to see if he fit in it??! Odd. Him in a nutshell.<br /> He told me he was being picked on/told wot 2 do. But my sister was only being protective of her new nephew and knew of past fall-outs cos of his selfish/snobby/sexist attitude(He hit me a yr ago and i stupidly went back to him aft living alone in council flat with boiler probs/noisy neighbour above n no visitors)<br /> Wouldnt answer his mobile, landline or the fone at his parents, where he stayed all the time-drinking with them everynight (and turning up upto 2hrs late to help me with baby/bring stuff i needed). Eventually I had to talk to his dad who thought it was ok to turn up late 2 c me n baby and not be able to make his own tea at home alone/be alone for even one nite. I couldnt get anywhere. I had to adjust straightaway, so why couldnt he?. Now he drinks every time he has ethan without me n sometimes refuses 2 care 4 him n does dangerous stuff like leaving him on settee unattended/tries 2 use unsterile bottles of milk/not change him hardly. Would there be any support if we left?. He keeps telling us to go or tell me that hes having baby put in care and hes gona get locks changed. Can i get him done for this? PLEASE HELP! kicks ethans stuff round house./goes 2hit me but baby in my arms/near me. Had to stay at his parents last wk cos he was drunk n I wouldnt let him push pram, he walked off and left us alone 2 walk home in dark.

OP posts:
BertieBotts · 09/05/2010 21:22

Please phone Women's Aid on 0800 2000 247 - they will give you advice on the best thing to do. It sounds horrible for you

It is extremely unlikely that he could get your baby taken away from you. I don't know how likely it is that you could get him arrested etc though. If you talk to Women's Aid they will be able to advise you on whether it would be best to leave yourself or get him to leave.

scaredveryscared · 09/05/2010 21:31

They have safe houses for women in abusive relationships ... esp with your LO.

You are worth more than this.... get away from him, you have to protect your baby. Really feel for you. Get your family to help you (I'm sure they will be glad to by the sounds of it)

Take care.

Supercherry · 09/05/2010 21:41

Adventurousmum you and your little boy deserve so much better. Just looked at your profile picture and your DS is absolutely gorgeous.

There is alot of support for single mums out there, housing benefits, income support etc but first you need to keep yourselves safe.

Where is he living at the moment? Where are you living? Is it rented or private owned and in whose name?

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