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why should he get away without paying maintence

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amummy30 · 07/04/2010 23:02

my ds1 has just had his 4th birthday and 'daddy' has never paid me a penny!! he also has twins that ae 9 which he never see's or pays for either, after contacting csa, I was told because he is on 'benefits' and has 2 other kids the money is split between all 3, fair enough, meaning he was to pay wait for it ..... £1.71 per child per week, I'VE NOT EVEN HAD THAT!! i contacted csa as he sent me a message on facebook stating he's just had a massive pay rise blah blah, this the man who is claiming unemployment benefits, told CSA as far as im aware they are doing nothing, I do not want this waste of space in my sons life, in fact my dp is his dad as far as im concerned although i reais i'll have to tell him the truth one day. but why they hell should he get away with not only benefit fraud but also not providing for his children!! why won's csa do anything

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cestlavielife · 08/04/2010 12:45

what is the point in pursuing this? it jsut gets you angry - for £1.71 a week.... it aint worth it.

inform CSA of the facebook message - and inform benefits fraud hotline. but otherwise, just keep him out of your life where he belongs.

why is he your friend on facebook anyway?

twinkerbell · 08/04/2010 12:49

my husband pays money by direct debit every month and it doesnt go to his sons mother because she is on benefits? it is taken in kind? for the money and benefits she claims which is eveyrthing i think- income support, single parent, housing benefit council tax benefit etc
we only pay £60 a month now but we used to over £200 and she still never actually got any of it and always goes one about him not paying a penny but he does, he has done for 7 years she just doesnt get any of it!
do you work or maybe this is what is happening? although £1.71 is ridicluous

Niceguy2 · 08/04/2010 13:11

Well instead of complaining to the CSA, why dont you report him to the benefits people for fraud instead?

The CSA will not be interested in pursuing him as he is officially unemployed. If thats different, the benefits people will be interested.

gillybean2 · 12/04/2010 16:25

The only way to get the CSA to do anything is to involve your MP. And even then you may find you get nowhere.

If he is claiming benefits the money is taken off before he gets it, so I don't see why you aren't getting it unless he isn't claiming benefits.

And if he is boasting about a pay rise then he is working. If he is self employed it is very easy to hide your income. Again if he is cash in hand then easy for him to lie. But you can report him to the benefit fraud number (though from what I hear most people manage to get away with it regardless)

If he is working PAYE then the CSA can make a deduction against his earnings.

Write to the CSA (always write, keep a copy and send recorded delivery) and ask where your £1.71 a week is given that he is suposed to be on benefits and it should be deducted before he gets it.

But in reality ask yourself if it is worth the hassle for £1.71 a week. If in reality he is being paid to work and it can be proved then you need to find out why he isn't paying. But if he wants to avoid paying he can string the CSA along in many different ways to avoid it.

Don't allow yourself to get wound up over it. Hard as it is I know, and the injustice of your child going without when he shouldn't have too. At least you can say everything your son has and is is because of you.

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