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Choosing to be single parent, Feel guilty though!

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poopeeplops · 17/03/2010 17:32

Hi peeps,

Had bad pregnancy and father wasnt ready for a baby but i didnt want a termination, was not planned but werent taking precautions either. I choose to keep the baby and knew i wud be doing it alone, he messed me around alot through the pregnancy saying i want to be involved then no i dont want to be involved.
Baby is here now and he wants to try and make amends, he was aggressive towards me wen i was 9mths and never showed support.
He has tried all the ways to get me to agree to access but i have said it has to be in a contact centre and i want drugs test to prove hes not been smoking drugs before seeing him, he has said he is not willng to do this, i now feel guilty, have i done the right thing? He once told me he drives after having smoked drugs with his other son in the car, and he smokes it at home whilst other child is there, i just want my son safe. Opinions please ladies!

I feel really guilty and bad about the situation, feel like this is my payback for not terminating the baby.


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kmdwestyorks · 17/03/2010 17:58

you shouldn't feel guilty and i know that's easier to say than it is to do. sometimes the hardest realisation is that you and your baby are better off without daddy (we are and i still feel guilty)

you have to do what's best for your child to keep him safe and that's what it sounds like you're doing. stay strong.......

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