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Anyone know about the changes to the CSA and benefits that's happening in April?

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123andaway · 06/02/2010 12:52

Their website is a bit vague!

Apparently in April any CSA payments will not be counted in calculating the benefits you receive.

They call it a 'complete benefit disregard' on all out of work benefits, CTC and HB.

Im on IS does this mean that any CSA money XH pays after April I can keep - and will not be docked from my IS?????????

OP posts:
ToccataAndFudge · 06/02/2010 13:05

Had a call from them this morning (as I've just gone back onto IS having separated from H).

That's what she told me was happening in April too - although she did suggest that I told the job centre what I was getting then anyhow just so they knew.

123andaway · 06/02/2010 19:05

Just sounds too good to be true! I stand to be £200-£300 a month better off - which would be FANTASTIC - but I can't believe they won't actually take it back from me in some other way!!!

OP posts:
QueenofWhatever · 07/02/2010 11:49

What if you have agreed maintenance without going down the CSA route? Surely if that still counts towards your income, the upshot would be that everybody would need to go via the CSA in order to have equal access to benefits. And the CSA is already so seamless and efficient, a few more claims won't make any difference...

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