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Mothers Wanted For Baby Observation

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KrisBlack · 31/01/2010 22:12


I am on a Masters Conversion course. The course is an child and adolescent training course - I am undertaking it to enable me to better work with children and young people as a psychotherapist.

I currently work in a primary school with children and have done so at the same school for 10 years now. I am now converting my psychotherapy qualification so I can work with a wider range of children and young people.

I am not a mother myself, I am 48 so it would be a bit late for me to me to start a family even if I could. I am female, live in London, and am wholly committed to working with young people.

My course requires that I observe the development of a new born baby, starting from as early after they are born as is possible, understanding their early journey through life, their coming to be in the world, their relationship to their mother and to the world. The idea of me observing a baby is so I can better understand human development - so I can better understand what we all go through at the very start of our journey as human beings.

The observation would be once a week, for an hour, in baby and Mother's home. An Observation requires that I sit in a still and contemplative state - not intruding or judging - simply observing baby and noticing the subtle changes in how baby is developing, growing and relating to the world around them.

Witnessing a baby's development and interactions with the world for an hour a week will help me understand better the changes that we all go through as human beings, enable me to understand so much better the journey all of us take through the first year or so of life. Ultimately, it would help me become a better therapist when working with young people because I would be able to understand better how we all begin. Agreeing to the observation process would be a gift to the young people I already work with, as well as those I may work with in the future.

If you are a Mother and reading this I hope you will consider my accompanying you and your baby on your journey. I can provide you with a letter of reference from my training institution.

If you know anyone who may be interested please feel free to pass this on

My e-mail address is [email protected]

Thanks for taking the time to read this request / passing it on.

Kind Regards


OP posts:
itshappenedagain · 01/02/2010 17:37

if you live in london i take it that you would want someone in your area.

KrisBlack · 01/02/2010 21:12

Yes I would travel anywhere in London. Thanks

OP posts:
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