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hear ds crying but actually he isnt

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Unlikelyamazonian · 29/01/2010 18:31

I think this must be the chinese water torture thing for lone parents?

I try to have a break while he is asleep but the fridge kicks in and it is the same musical tone as ds' muffled crying upstairs.

So I cant relax and keep going to check if he is crying or if it's the fridge.

It's often the fridge.

If it's the fridge I feel ok for a bit longer

but sometimes it isn't the fridge, it is ds crying and then I hate the fridge and panic as I am not ready for the fridge ds to wake up
(not finished small vodka and tonic after shit day)


OP posts:
DeirdreB · 29/01/2010 20:35

I remember thinking how can so many things sound like a baby crying, the two I remember are buses going down the street and chain saws!?! Maybe a monitor with lights on might help?

ProfYaffle · 29/01/2010 20:40

I've done this sooooo many times, the fridge (is it frost free? Ours is and it makes the weirdest noises) the kid next door, dh whistling through his nose, blood rushing in my ears all sound like dd2's distant cries. Then when dd2 does wake up I don't hear her because I'm so deeply asleep after being up half the night listening to the fridge.

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