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child maintenence - what does it effect (student)

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notsohotchic · 02/01/2010 13:35

Have decided that now my ex is having no overnight contact I should go through the CSA and get him contributing the correct amount. I am a f.t. student, claiming housing benefit, child benefit, child tax credit, parents learning allowance, special support grant & bursary. I am also claiming legal aid.
How would claiming more maintenence effect these, if at all? Also, I am entitled to school meals etc, will that change?
V.confused! (though have read about changes on another post - could be claiming I.s from April possibly!?!?)

OP posts:
OnlyWantsOneFartleBerry · 02/01/2010 17:57


you sound exactly the same as me.... LOL, Im reading English how about you?

As far as I can determin, my CSA maintenance (which I havent recieved since June) hasnt affected any of my stuff finance wise.

HB def doesnt

But I was only getting £5.00 a week LOL

notsohotchic · 02/01/2010 22:13

Hmm, yes, am getting 260 a month at the moment and now circumstances have changed it should be more than 3 times that. I think it is used to calculate legal aid. However he might not persue the court if he had less money.. (Sigh)
I am studying hist of art, year 2!!
Anyone else??

OP posts:
floatyjosmum · 03/01/2010 21:17

from what i remember it didnt affect my student finance bits but did affect HB. it will also be taken into account with legal aid.
If all ur benefits, student loan, all grants and maintainance come to more than 2600 a month you wont get a penny legal aid - its crap!

know i couldnt claim IS during term time but could during the summer break, dont know if this has changed - i graduated in 07.

Know the IS thing is that they dont count ur grants but count ur loan (doesnt seem right to me) but even if you dont take oout the loan you cant claim IS as the loan is available to you!

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