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He got his letter last week

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rhksmum · 21/12/2009 16:18

and must have filed it under B for bin

Spoke to lawyer today and she said just tell the kids they are not going to their dads at christmas as he hasnt replied to the letter re:contact

Told the kids today after school and dd was upset but ds2 was really pleased.
I text him to tell him that he wouldn't be seeing them over christmas and new year as he hadn't come up with a contact plan, that I had told the kids. I said he could phone them but that was it.
He text back to say we had already pre arranged christmas umm no he assumed he was getting them, even though he hadnt seen them for months.
I guess its just a waiting game to see what his next move is gonna be.
I know deep down I've done the right thing and I have the backing of the lawyer and social worker but I'm scared of whats gonna happen next.

OP posts:
WobblyWenchisBEHINDYOU · 21/12/2009 21:56

well, I have found that once you make things official with legal intervention, men will either step it up a gear or retreat completely. They show their true colours. All you can do is offer the opportunities, if he is too disinterested then, you have your answer. Save the children from years of pain.

Mongolia · 22/12/2009 10:27

Try to put this to the side and enjoy, as much as you can, whatever plans you have for the next days.

And perhaps consider the possibility not to mention the kids when contact will take place unless is totally imminent, better to get a nice surprise, than be dreadfully disappointed.

ExH keeps changing his mind all the time that I have stopped telling DS what plans he has just to avoid him being hurt by his father changing them at short notice.

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