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BBC3 Alesha Dixon: Where's Your Daddy

8 replies

MollieO · 08/12/2009 21:13

On now. Thought I might discover something inciteful but she is so so annoying.

OP posts:
Meglet · 08/12/2009 21:15

she is very upbeat about a sad subject

HerBeatitude · 08/12/2009 21:16

But we're not her target audience, teenagers are. They might not find her so annoying.

MollieO · 08/12/2009 21:17

I suppose so but I'm watching it to understand the issues that ds will face one day .

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Meglet · 08/12/2009 21:24

I'm already making the dc's a memory box of their dad .

MollieO · 08/12/2009 21:28

All ds will have is a photo, name and name of his half sister. I had thought of sending a photo to ds's dad this Christmas to remind him he has a son but I'm worried about the fallout.

OP posts:
tethersend · 08/12/2009 21:30

All the teenagers I know hate her, and I know quite a few...

She is handling a serious subject by being a complete twat- she has no idea at all.

HerBeatitude · 08/12/2009 21:32

oh god that moron who can't use condoms

MollieO · 08/12/2009 21:33

I can't see why she is talking to someone nicknamed the 'Sunderland Shagger'? He is hardly representative of the majority of fathers who play no part in their dc's lives.

I can't understand why a 30+ woman is dressed like a teenager [really shallow emoticon].

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