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lindsaygii · 02/11/2009 23:22

Okay, it's been tried before, but I'm going to give it another shot.

I have just moved to Bristol with the baby, and I don't know anyone here (well, one mate, but there's only so much I an expect from her!). I joined Gingerbread, but there's not much going on, and I go to lots of groups, but of course they are all daytimes, and married women (by and large). Tonight I joined a diving club, it's going to cost me a bloody fortune in babysitting fees, but it'll be my luxury...) Netmums have a Bristol coffee circle thing, but again, mostly women with partners who have different needs to single mums.

I'd like to get together an email list of single parents in Bristol for meeting up during the week, doing stuff at weekends, general support, babysitting circle, and anything else that people think of (that's just my wishlist!)

Is anyone posting here also in Bristol, and if so, do you fancy becoming part of my project to empower us all to go out for a pint or a run or whatever now and again?

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queenofdenial2009 · 03/11/2009 20:24

Absolutely and up for diving, as my daughter has seriously restricted my ability to get wet.

You know we've got an ongoing thread on local groups? I work Monday to Thursday but am around Friday and weekends, I live in Horfield so Gloucester Road and town are good for me.

lindsaygii · 03/11/2009 22:19

I went to meet a diving club last night, and I'm joining up. Not sure how much I can do, but maybe if we joined forces? On a two dive day we could both do one if we babysat for the other?

I saw the ongoing thread on local groups, but it seemed to peter out and I thought maybe a fresh start might be worth a shot. Maybe I should have cross posted?

Anyone else??

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spookycharlotte121 · 05/11/2009 13:51

heya, im a single mum of 2. ds is 2 1/2 and dd is 1 1/2.
Im 21 and resitting my final year of uni. Im at uni 2 days a week but other than that im free..... although Im looking for a job so it may become restricted to the weekends.

i would love to meet some other mums

lindsaygii · 06/11/2009 19:38

Are you in Bristol? A few of us met for coffee this morning and I might be meeting some others on Sunday. PM me about that if you like?

The thread about Friday coffee is on the Bristol board, called 'wlt meet single professional mums'.

btw, queenofdenial I tried to PM you but you're settings don't allow it. Mine do, if you want to try to sort something out?

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queenofdenial2009 · 06/11/2009 20:59

Jealous about you all sitting and eating cake today. I was working just around the corner and thought of you all, as I talked about process mapping and governance. I've tried updating my CAT thing, is that the same as PM? I'm a bit of a luddite, so let me know if it hasn't worked.

lindsaygii · 12/11/2009 21:37

Well if you come and eat cake next Friday you will have to listen to me moaning about the CSA... I'll keep it to a minimum, I promise!!

OP posts:
SarahC99 · 07/12/2009 14:41

Hi, I just wanted to say it is great to see single mums connecting in Bristol.

I am a 39 year old single mum of a 4 year old girl. I've been living in Beijing the past 4 years but am moving back to Bristol this April.

I hope you will still be meeting up by then as I'm always up for coffee and cake! I would love to get in touch with other single mums/dads, especially (but not only)other self-employed mums of around my own age.

Also, I am hoping to house share with another single mum when I come back and would welcome any advice on places to post to look for housemates.

Thank you!


joyfull · 17/12/2009 10:55


Welcome Sarah. I'm a self-employed single mum too! DS is nearly 4. Be great to meet up sometime . lindsaygii - I'm having CSA woes too : ( hope yours is getting sorted.

I'm in Clifton and don't have my own transport so somewhere fairly central would be ideal for meeting up.


queenofdenial2009 · 17/12/2009 20:56

joyfull, if you see this in time, we're meeting at the museum cafe tomorrow at 10.30 for coffee and cake at the top of Park Street. Just look for the empty plates and abandoned babies cluttering the place up.

NK1f95906aX12449d42533 · 28/04/2010 22:44

Hi There, i'm a single Mum with a 8 month old son and looking to move to Bristol from London by August this year (2010) Would love to know how your getting on with you group/meetups?

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