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sometimes being a lone parent is thankless and hard

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mummyfantastico · 20/10/2009 11:28

DD2 has chicken pox, is covered in spots and has had 3 very restless nights as she's so uncomfortable, so I have had 3 very sleepless nights looking after her. XH won't see her until she is better and has cancelled contact for this evening because he has a 6 week baby.

Yesterday I told him she had chicken pox and he didn't even ask how she was feeling, just told me I should've told him sooner as his new DD is grumpy and may have it.

He is supposed to be having the DDs from Friday to Wednesday while I work every night, but is refusing to make any firm plans regarding them going until DD2s spots either scab over or not by then so I have had to arrange stand by childcare just in case.

And now he's just called round to give DD2 a colouring book and pencils and refused to touch her "just in case" and she thinks he's the best person in the world for getting her a present.

Why is it so easy for him to be the hero when I'm the one doing all the flipping work?

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sincitylover · 20/10/2009 13:34

they do like to cherry pick don't they?

can imagine my exh being like this - in fact he has just asked whether my ds2 is staying with my mum next week as it's easier to just deal with ds 1 and his dts.

It's exhausting hopefully he will have her to give you a break.

ChairmumMiaow · 20/10/2009 13:44

Its unlikely. He's a selfish bugger (I'm allowed to say this because he is my brother)

It really sucks for poor mummyfantastico as we have her DDs quite often but I am trying to keep 21mo DS out of it as my DH is away from tomorrow night till friday then all of next week (and we won't be able to visit him if DS gets it too and that's not something we need at the moment!). Normally I would just have said "well he'll get it anyway!"

At least I'm happy to have DN when DS is out of the house And in fact MF, if you're really stuck DH could do friday and saturday at your house!

mummyfantastico · 21/10/2009 11:44

I think he was the same when he lived here but although he wasn't much use if he was physically here I had the chance of a rest.

sincitylover- that is so mean to your ds2

chairmum- don't worry, I don't blame you for wanting to avoid the pox at the moment!

XH still hasn't asked once how DD is feeling

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