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So what are all the lp's on here up to today ??

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NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 11:44

I am well known for hating bank holidays. To me they are like sundays only 100 times worse.

They seem to have 'smiley, happy, family day', tattooed all over them.

Anyway, just wondered what everyone else was doing ??

We are staying in being couch potatoes.

OP posts:
lou33 · 31/08/2009 11:46

i am about to reconstruct my face and go buy giant bin bags for a clear out

i was taking the kids to a festival but i cant afford it, so tackling my cupboards

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 11:47

Oh we did the clear out thing last week, well I did.

Nothing on round here to do as far as I know, and no car anyway.

OP posts:
lou33 · 31/08/2009 11:51

ther is a thai festival on in the next village, its only on every two years, but i cant afford to pay in buy food etc for them, so if we cant enjoy it without worrying, i see no point in going

dd1 has gone with mates though, i gave her a fiver which is all i had on me and her mate is paying her in

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 11:52

Yes ikwym Lou, I hate going somewhere if you have got to watch every single penny whilst there and keep saying no to every little thing they ask for.

OP posts:
steaknife · 31/08/2009 12:35

I am packing and re-packing boxes for our move.

It will be my third move in the 12 months since DD was born.

Three countries and four address - I am looking forward to stopping still for a few months.

MANATEEequineOHARA · 31/08/2009 12:50

This bank holiday sucks. I wanted to go to Dartmoor on a walk that I did with uni, but the cameras where you can see the weather on Dartmoor have made me change my mind.
However, it is my horses birthday, so I have been to give her bread (her fave food) and attention

Tortoise · 31/08/2009 12:54

I have been sorting the loft since yesterday . Finished it this morning.
My Brother is helping decorate then i am going to look into a housing exchange and move away from the town which my abusive XP still lives!

I worry all the time when i go out that i am going to bump into him where ever i go. Luckily in the last couple of years i have only seen him pass me in a car.

Kids are just playing and seem quite happy not to be going anywhere and just being lazy for the last few days of the hols.

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 12:57

Oh good luck with that Tortoise

I have decided I will do ironing

Xp did txt to say he was going to Ikea if we fancied going along, as they have loads of stuff on offer for £1 or something.

Said, no obviously, which is shit cos I want to go lol.

OP posts:
jamestkirk · 31/08/2009 13:09

started redecorating my bedroom - tho dont have a colour for the walls and no way i'll go near b@q today. far too happy familyaphobic.

have garden to tidy/car to wash/hoover out.

dont you just love BH's

RedBlueRed · 31/08/2009 13:10

I was tidying the garden this morning.
I put a bag of rubbish out and discovered my big green bin was infested with maggots so I have been boiling, bleaching and scrubbing it out.

Oh joy.

lou33 · 31/08/2009 13:13

they were very good about it actually

lou33 · 31/08/2009 13:17

nutty how is the driving going?

Meglet · 31/08/2009 13:21

The dc's are out with their grandparents today so I am:

Tidying the porch
Swearing at my laptop as I need to install Windows and it costs £££££
Need to find a CD to install the printer / scanning software
Will wander to the supermarket for parmesan
Possibly make 321 biscuits

LOL at nutty for being strong and declining trip to Ikea.

AFAIK XP is getting bladdered in Newquay. DD is 1 this week and he won't even be popping in to see her. Only given her a card with no present or money for her savings , I checked the card so I didn't get annoyed on the actual day.

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 13:32

It's not Lou, I crashed the car just over a week ago. Should get it back this week, although i'm not overly thrilled about the prospect of driving again.

OP posts:
NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 13:32

It is the Ikea hotdog that is making me tempted LOL

OP posts:
lou33 · 31/08/2009 13:51

oh no how did that happen?

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 13:55

Was pulling into a space on the car park at my mums, figured i was too close to car on right of me so i breaked, then my foot slipped off brake and so I shoved it back on, hard, but it was the accelerater not brake, and so I hit that car and the one next to me as we were on a slight slope and I lost the plot.

OP posts:
lou33 · 31/08/2009 14:11

oh no

jamestkirk · 31/08/2009 14:19

eek!! thats not a proper crash - just a blunder

we do that on our own drive now and then as it slopes a bit - tho it only has our own cars on it and an autograsser thats seen better days anyway.

wouldnt let that put you off - i hit a field wall and wrote one off, then bent a lamp post and wrote another off - then hit and snapped an old wooden telegraph pole and wrote another off

jamestkirk · 31/08/2009 14:28

tho i must admit - if i'd have been you i probably would have wanted the ground to open up and swallow me rather than go knocking on doors looking for the owners

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 16:05

Oh believe me, I wanted to be anywhere rather than there. I sobbed hysterically about 4 times and also felt sick for the rest of the afternoon, so not the best day of the hols.

I keep thinking I will be fine once I get it back, but then when I think about it properly I feel sick at the thought of driving again.

Sat here on me lonesome now as both dd's have buggered off down the park, and ds has gone to watch star wars at hiis dads.

How is everyone else doing ?? I am baning bank holidays in future

OP posts:
DONTtouchMUMSspecialJUICE · 31/08/2009 16:14

i applied for a shit load of jobs.

cleaned the inside of my midden car out.

now going to fart about and iron a pile the size of everest.

jamestkirk · 31/08/2009 16:29

you'll be fine - tho you might glance at your pedals now and then before reversing.

just go for a spin when you get it back - dont think about it, dont put it off, dont leave it parked up.

i do know it can shake you up tho. after my 3 right offs i had an old woman pull out on me at a junction who i had to hit as i had nowhere to go. then a year or so later a 12 year old stepped out in front of me on his way home from school in busy traffic. couldnt go left as path full of kids, couldnt go round him as oncoming traffic and had wife and dd in back. had to hit him head on - not good. left me feeling sick for a while.

so dont be put off by a little prang, youll be fine and cars are brilliant fun - will be at donnington in a couple of weeks

NervousNutty · 31/08/2009 16:58

@ donnington, and @ hitting the lad head on. The school kids round here have a habit just walking in the road whenever they please, so that is my worst nightmare.

Oh and I wasn't reversing, does that make it worse

I have no choice about the driving, as I can't afford to waste the money I spent on lessons, and plus the kids would never forgive me, so I have to get back on the horse.

I am hoping I may get it back before Friday so that when the kids go to their dads I can have a drive round on my own.

OP posts:
oldraver · 31/08/2009 18:04

I went to Gatwick to drop off DS1 who is going to the GP's. They are on their way back home and stopping off at a restuarant first... its HOT there

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