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CSA payments - this seems unfair. Can anyone explain?

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josiestile · 20/07/2009 14:21

Ex has one dc from an old relationship whom he has never seen. He has four dc from our marriage.
He is claiming job seekers allowance and the CSA say that I will get £2.50 for our FOUR dc per week and the other claimant will get £2.50 per week for her ONE child.

How can this be fair? I've asked the CSA to explain, but they say that's just how it is.

OP posts:
JaneSa · 20/07/2009 14:28

I think becuase he is on job seekers allowance they give you a minimum payment. It doesnt reflect the number of children you have. They will argue that he needs a certain amount of money to live off.

I could be wrong but that is what i was told by CSA.

If you go on to ther web site there is a calculator where you can put all the info in and it gives you an estimate.

The CSA should really explain this to you. It does seem very unfair.

GypsyMoth · 20/07/2009 14:29

i suppose each of his ex families need something. and they can't take anymore from him. its bad,i know! i get the standard £5 also for my 4.......and baby no 5 with a different,working dad,pays £20 for his one child with me!! back to front,but the way it is.

no chance he'll get a job in the future then?

LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 14:31

Yes, it's not equitable but we are talking about dividing up £5 per week.

It would cost a lot to administrate £1.00 each.

LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 14:32

Hopefully he will get a job soon and support all five children adequately.

How long has he been out of work?

josiestile · 20/07/2009 14:33

Yes, that's right. They did say they can only take a maximum of £5.00 per week from his benefit.
What I don't understand is the split (£2.50 each), surely it ought to be based on the number of children?

OP posts:
JaneSa · 20/07/2009 14:38

Really, if he is fit and able to work then he should be out there getting his hands dirty.
It is unfair that he doesnt support any of the children properly.
Fingers crossed to him getting a job x

josiestile · 20/07/2009 14:39

He's self employed and claiming full jsa he works 10+ hour days but says they won't find out or care as he has told them is working min hours with no pay as yet.
Apparently he plans to tell them he is not receiving an income (if that makes sense). Or volunteer the minimum. He was a good father but has gone off the rails and doesn't care about doing the right thing.
I am supporting the dc myself at the moment and it is not the money (2.50 I ask you) but I don't see how it can cost more in admin to do a different calculation which is divided equally between the children.

OP posts:
JaneSa · 20/07/2009 14:43

No it doesnt seem fair.
If he is working and not declaring this he could get himself in to big trouble for benefit fraud.
Is he not declaring the work on purpose so that you dont get any money from him?

LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 14:43

I'm not sure how I can put this sensitively enough but why are you worrying about this when the lazy arsed twat is screwing you, his ex-girlfriend, the government, the csa and taxpayers.

I do not get why you care about £1.50 - the amount is too small to make any difference.

Just grass him up til they take notice.

LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 14:44

I'm for you - he is clearly a wank-stain.

JaneSa · 20/07/2009 14:45

Lauri, i agree 100% with you!!!

josiestile · 20/07/2009 14:50

He said he can work a number of hours before it will affect his jsa claim (17). I did think about reporting him for benefit fraud but it would be difficult for them to see how many hours he was working exactly.
Oh yes he has gone self employed and intends not declaring work on purpose. He has no scruples in not providing for his children.
I am managing, but am exhausted and he doesn't help with the dc.
I suppose it seems petty about such a tiny amount of money which will pay for nothing, but this £2.50 offer for 4 children seemed like the final insult. It ought to have been divided £4.00/£1.00.

OP posts:
LuluMaman · 20/07/2009 14:51

agree with laurie

rather than quibbling over a couple of quid, he should be earning enough to provide adequately for all of his children

LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 14:52

Put your energy into reporting him to the benefits agency and the csa - has he been stupid enough to text you to say this is what he is doing?

And then look after yourself

josiestile · 20/07/2009 14:52

You're right. I will report him.

OP posts:
RealityIsGettingMarried · 20/07/2009 14:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

RealityIsGettingMarried · 20/07/2009 14:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

josiestile · 20/07/2009 14:54

No he told me on the telephone. He did email to say he wouldn't be having the children as he was working 7 days a week. I don't know if that will be enough.

OP posts:
LaurieFairyCake · 20/07/2009 14:54

It will certainly help to tell them that.

JaneSa · 20/07/2009 14:59

Do it anyway. It may help you and your children in the long run.
Even if it doesnt help you i bet it will give you some satisfaction.

josiestile · 20/07/2009 15:02

Thanks everyone.
I'll give it a try now.
Will I have to be a witness or be contacted if I give my name?

OP posts:
JaneSa · 20/07/2009 15:07

They may want to speak to you but you dont have to give your details if you dont want.

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