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Can you get divorce from your mother too?????????????

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emmawil37 · 14/06/2009 09:43

Sorry me again!!!!!

My mother is my next biggest problem. She means well, but I just wished she would leave me alone and if I hear her say one more time 'I never liked him' or 'well he was never very good at this or that'! She is constantly her two pennies worth in and if I tell her I just want to be left alone she will get the hump and make me feel guilty about that. All I want is some time to myself, but she is always here she want look after the kids, I have to be at her brek and call.

To be honset with you she really was a big part in my break up with my exh and now she got what she wants and she in there planning my life for me. I'm 37 years old I want to plan my own life.

Anybody else have problems with well meaning but problematic mothers when they broke up with there partners? I feel able to deal with her at the moment.

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