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income support, is this right?

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OhBurger · 20/04/2009 19:55

I went to the cab today for a benifit check and was informed that as a single parent of 4 DCs I would be entitled to £393 per week income support. Is this correct.

I have also been advised to claim DLA for me due to continuing health problems.

I really cannot get my head around these figures.

OP posts:
Tortington · 20/04/2009 19:57


NervousNutty · 20/04/2009 19:57

IS is £60.50 a week however many children you have.

Perhaps they had added child tax credit into it.

GypsyMoth · 20/04/2009 19:58

LOL I have 5 DC,also single parent. Income support is £60.50 weekly! For everyone. You can get top up with child tax credit too, but it's not the figure you gave. Sorry.

Dla might push it into that region with all the other entitlements.

OhBurger · 20/04/2009 20:03

I didn't think so, I think that child tax credit was added on but surely it can't be that amount. I dont think anyone would bother if that was th case.

DLA was not in the mix.

OP posts:
GypsyMoth · 20/04/2009 20:08

Child benefit paid weekly might be included too?

FAQinglovely · 20/04/2009 20:11

I get £60.50 IS (as does anyone getting IS) and adding the CB and CTC in makes a total of just under £230 a week for 3 DC. However I don't think I've been getting the full CTC as I was working in the previous tax year

NervousNutty · 20/04/2009 20:54

I get £130 CTC, £60.50 IS and £46.40 CB so a total of £236.90 for me and 3 children.

oldraver · 21/04/2009 19:08

I dont know much about this but judging by the figures given for previous posters for 3 children you would get £293 ish (that is assuming the CTC of £130 for 3 would equal £173 for 4, but not sure exactly how it works out, plus the extra CB for one child

If you have Housing Benefit it could maybe add up to the £393 you were quoted. It depends if HB was included in this figure

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