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dating columns in the papers - have you / would you and how?

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BocciBalls · 22/03/2009 18:07

just browsing the Times and saw a couple of interesting looking ads (amongst all the 60-something chappies!).

is it worth replying? does it cost a fortune to ring the 09-whatever number? then what happens? do I have to pay something, leave my personal details like phone no - don't think that sounds like a good idea really...

please help!

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 22/03/2009 19:29

hi bocci
not sure tbh never looked there
but have heard that alot of these fellas are genuine if that is what makes you worried
does it mention call costs in the small print or online?
have you tried internet dating sites at all?
hope that someone comes along with some proper help for you
but have to say well done you for looking in the first place!
oh just a thought could you not give out a bat email or get another sim card just for the purpose until you're sure about the man involved?

BocciBalls · 22/03/2009 19:32

thanks asbm - have tried internet and it was hopeless. decided to put the whole dating malarky on hold for 18 years or so a while but saw these ads and thought it might be worth a go. have a different email that I use for when I don't want people to have my regular email (with surname) so yes can use that.

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aseriouslyblondemoment · 22/03/2009 19:41

oh lol
which internet site did you use?
I've heard that the Guardian one is meant to be good btw from a few people and there's mention of it also i think on the current thread.

BocciBalls · 22/03/2009 19:46

I used Parship which wasn't bad but was lots of effort. Friends reunited dating was busy but loads of dodgy married blokes looking for a shag. Then I got bored with weeding out all the random people and decided to become a hermit instead. at least I don't have to bother shaving my legs now!

OP posts:
aseriouslyblondemoment · 22/03/2009 19:51

but you might have to soon
I'm on FRD and have come across a few marrieds but they were open about it too which i found shocking
alot of the girls on the 'fit and interesting'thread use with some success and it's free
and as if you didn't need reminding do hop onto that thread as we're all in the same boat!

BocciBalls · 22/03/2009 20:24

great, thanks for the tip and see you on the other thread!

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