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mummylou85 · 17/03/2009 21:45

I saw thread below about father snatching a child but I have my own question. My daughter sees her dad once a week. supervised. it went through courts 2 years and he was that clueless unsupervised was never awarded. He is not on birth certificate as then we wanted nothing to do with us. he applied to courts for parental responsibilities and have never got them (touch wood) niracle he weren't awarded them even though he is rubbish and pays no maitenance it's rare not for them to be awarded but I think he will apply again. anyway i'm living in wales and ex is. But his mum is in London working. she has seen my daughter only once in a year and not exactly great grandma. anyway she is quite forceful and will be back in wales next month. ex have threatened to take my daughter and take her to north wales where his family are living. now i'm so worried if ever that happened I'd never see her again. i'm not sure if he ever would go through with it but his mum will I know it. she have only seen her 8 times in her life. I have funny feeling she is cheeky enough to go to my daughters nursery and take her for ex. if ever it happened would I find her and get her back? would he be in trouble he has nothing to acknowledge he is her father, no PR nothing. i'm totally stressing. when my daughter started nursery I told them knowone to pick her up only me. but that was in september 6 months ago. they prob forgot and new staff have started. I shall have to tell them again but i'm sure they think i'm wacko LOL.

maybe u'm worrying over nothing but I have really bad feeling over this and what if it did happen and I never got her back. my baby would be so traumatised x

OP posts:
CKelpie · 17/03/2009 22:06

Put in writing to your nursery and to the contact centre that you have concerns for the safety of your dd and under no circumstances is anyone other than yourself or (name) to collect without your written permission.
I expect they already have that as a policy but putting it in writing and expressing concerns will ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet.

As your ex has only ever had supervised contact, has no PR and is not named on the birth cert, if he puts on hair out of line you call the police.

If you have firm grounds to believe he might take your dd then you could contact your local police station, give all his details, name, address reg no and ask their advice.

I feel sure no-one would so stupid as to kidnap your child especially as they have already been through the courts and are probably aware what little rights they have.
The threats are probably empty, I'm sure it's just mindgames.

N1 · 20/03/2009 17:05

If the ex doesn't have PR, he can't apply to the court as a right and would need permission to make a court application.

If the child went to school, mention to the school that you have sole PR. Your instruction to the school is that only you collect the child from school and anyone that you identify in writing. You should give written consent to someone to collect the child, in case something happens to you and you can't make it to the school in time.

If someone takes a child and they shouldn't have, it can be classed as child abduction.

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