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Mother's day - do your kids do anything off their own bat?

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spicemonster · 13/03/2009 09:27

Just wondering at what age I can expect breakfast in bed and a card

Do I need to prep a lot?

OP posts:
MeNmyGirl · 13/03/2009 13:38

Lol i dunno about brekkie in bed ha ha but dd whos 4 and half asked if she could buy me a mothers day card and a 'best mum' sign to hang up bless her

MsSpentYouth · 13/03/2009 13:41

DS is 14 months so i doubt i will get anything this year

I might buy a picture frame and put a pic in of DS for mothers day

MeNmyGirl · 13/03/2009 13:49

Thats a good idea,...maybe get him to paint you a pic :D xx

Ivykaty44 · 13/03/2009 13:52

Yes, I have had some lovely home made cards.

last year my dd went shopping with a friend (my dd gets pocket money so had used this) to buy me frilly knickers they are v pretty frilly knicks but boy would I have VPL if I wore them!!

I also got a pot of coffee in bed with a car, she was 9

sb6699 · 13/03/2009 14:30

DS is 10 and occassionaly brings me toasted pancakes and a glass of orange juice in bed "just because" (isn't he something!)

muggglewump · 13/03/2009 14:32

DD is 7 and has asked to buy me a card and chocolates, knowing fine well I don't eat chocolate so she'll get the box
She often makes me tea though and will do a sandwich if I ask her.

PurpleOne · 13/03/2009 15:04

Is mothers day this sunday, or next?

Usually get a homemade card, some chocs, and if I'm really lucky, some coffee and a fried egg toasted muffin in bed!

MsSpentYouth · 13/03/2009 15:10

Tis next sunday

lostdad · 13/03/2009 15:49

My ds is too young to do stuff on his own, but tomorrow while he is with me I will be making a Mother's Day card for his mum.

I expect she'll be torn between keeping it because he made it and binning it because I have helped him do it, but I'll help him anyway.

Despite everything she has done and everything she is still doing, I want him to grow up loving his mum. I don't expect the same in return though.

lostdad · 13/03/2009 15:50

Sorry...I'll be helping him making a card.

spicemonster · 13/03/2009 15:51

This is all very encouraging. I'm liking the toasted pancakes thing but if I only have to wait a couple of years for him to want to buy me a card, I'll be a happy mummy

That's good to hear lostdad. I'm sure part of her somewhere appreciates it ...

OP posts:
mummyfantastico · 13/03/2009 23:09

My dd is cooking a 3 course meal for me, my mum and dad, my sister and my other dd
It is all easy to cook but I'm soooooo thrilled that she has decided to do it!

mummyfantastico · 13/03/2009 23:11

DD1 is 11 by the way, this is the first year she's done this, but last year made me breakfast in bed by herself

pombear · 14/03/2009 22:20

Yes, and it was even more special because it was completely unsolicited last year, and ex-p had completely forgotten to pre-arrange anything whatsoever. Which made present from dd even more special. This mothers' day isn't my weekend this year, and so far, I haven't been offered any time with her on the day so will be absconding to the hills to forget what day it is! Every day is mothers'day, to be honest, as I feel very lucky to have her, and relish time spent with her one-to-one most of the time (OK, I'm not perfect, often rant and rave, shout and moan about mess, not being listened to, etc etc), but still believe that as difficult as being separate parents is, pre-split I was so unhappy that I often disappeared at weekends so not to be with ex-p (and as a result, wasn't there for dd). I am a better parent because of the split. For those of you with younger little ones who can't do anything on the day, remember that they will appreciate you when they're older - until they are teenagers! -, and that cards, presents, breakfast in bed are the cherry on the top of the fantastic opportunity we have of being a mum, without the crap that goes with being a relationship very often. (And to those of you reading this vicariously, within a good partnership, enjoy the day, don't whinge too much if your flowers aren't big enough, the breakfast is cold, or they haven't put enough thought into it... it ain't that big of a deal!).

Apologies for, as usual, popping up with a wordy text, whilst not being a regular visitor to the message boards!

It's like Valentines Day - feels awful, until you put it into perspective, and realise that we're all being led into unrealistic expectations!

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