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lookin for more to do.How?

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mum2oliver · 12/04/2005 19:20

Where can I find out about nice little parent &baby/toddler groups in Kettering.Need more to do.My ds is getting bored,he is 13 months.

OP posts:
mummytosteven · 12/04/2005 19:21

could try having a look on

also ask your HV if there are any surestart groups/centres in your area

or you could see if there are any baby swimming classes on near you.

jane313 · 12/04/2005 19:28

look at your council web site, they often list groups or ring up and htey could send you one as they have to be reigstered. Look at church notice boards, they are often held in church halls (or ring your local churches) but aren't religious. Look at library notice boards. Also the NCT sometimes run them for toddlers too

mum2oliver · 14/04/2005 11:38

Thanx guys.I already go swimming and Im not in the Sure start area so cant go.Have looked on the local council website but cant find anything.Maybe I should look again.
Im SO bored today!
My ds is too and thats not fair.
I am relitatively busy need more groups and to meet people.Not very good at small talk and I lack confidence.

OP posts:
honeypot01 · 14/04/2005 12:50


i've got back from toddler swimming session. my son is 3. Do you have tumble tots in your area? check their website or a Littrle Steps Gym, they're nationwide too. Have you looked at baby music groups. Also the libraries hold story and rhyme time every week at the same time so check the local one. Hope that helps. Do you go to any mother and toddler groups?

jane313 · 14/04/2005 19:38

I went to visit my friend today in a sure start area and we went to a one o'clock club and they never asked me if I lived in the area so I can't see that they would mind if you live near an area. It was so poorly attended that these workers were probably greatful!

Scour the churches, they all run groups in my area; a couple do twice a week. One is really friendly cos it has church volunteers and they go and talk to everyone and introduce people which is so sweet as sometimes these places can be unfriendly. I am agnostic and was relieved they have never once talked about religion and the vicar does magic shows at their xmas party!

Have you got a YMCA? Or local gymnastic club? they often run classes for toddlers.

mum2oliver · 14/04/2005 20:33

Hi thank you.I just looked up tumble tots and they have a group on a frid so will organise that.
Sure start must be strict in Kettering then.I tried and they said I had to go on a list,then if anyone didnt turn up I would get a call to go along!
They were not that helpful.There is a place in the next town which do lots and thats sure start and they are so welcoming.I go there once a week.
I will defo check the local churches.
Not heard of little steps gym and just searched it and nothing came up.Anymore info on that?

OP posts:
honeypot01 · 14/04/2005 20:40

THis is the website for little steps gym.

Not too sure where Kettering is, see if theres a local one near you. Hope you find something.

mum2oliver · 23/04/2005 22:36

They dont have a little steps gym in my area but never mind. Iv been to about 4 new groups this week and am very pleased! my ds has had a great time,Iv been busy & have met lots of new people.

OP posts:
honeypot01 · 23/04/2005 23:18

how did the groups go? wot ones were they? hope you both had a nice tyime!

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