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Visit from jobcentre

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shelleylou · 20/02/2009 13:11

I have recieved a letter stating that a customer compliance officer will be visiting. This is to diuscuss a query that has arisen concerning my claim of Income support. The only thing that I have had correspondance with them for recently is regarding the maintenance i have recied from XP
Is this normal procedure/ and what can i expect.

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PersephoneSnape · 20/02/2009 14:07

perfectly normal. there may be a suspision that you are living with a partner and claiming, but really if you haven't done 'owt wrong then theres nothing to worry about. sometimes compliance acts upon anonymous tip offs and sometimes those are just people making trouble - but they still have to be acted upon. am sure all will be fine.

shelleylou · 20/02/2009 14:44

ye i phoned the officer up to find out what it was regarding. There was a phone call made to the benefit fraud hotline saying my bf is living here. Pretty sure i know who the culprit is lol

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