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Single mum - the sweetest thing my wonderful son said today

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Mspontipine · 19/02/2009 23:11

Hi there - I just had to share and thought this would be a nice place.

DS is 6. As I've always been on my own I have occasionally worried how to deal with typically male type of situations - I'm sure a lot of us here feel the same way. I have told ds he can always talk to me about anything - meaning willies etc.

Today when he'd had a bath he pointed to his and said look it's sticking up - I know when it does that - when you're looking at something that's your favourite.

If a girl had one and she thought about flowers it would do it.


OP posts:
thumbwitch · 20/02/2009 01:33

did you ask him what he was thinking about then?

Mspontipine · 20/02/2009 01:39

Probably computers!

OP posts:
alipiggie · 20/02/2009 04:28

I love it. My two little men come out with classics too. DS2 said - look Mom my penis is coming out to play again - and that was at the dinner table surrounded by a group of grown ups . It's hard to keep a straight face. Give your DS a hug from me too.

screamingabdab · 20/02/2009 09:45

I have 2 boys and it takes you aback a bit when they first have a "full on Robot chubbie" (as Viz puts it)

I think maybe when he said he was looking at his favourite thing he meant his willy !!

expelliamus · 20/02/2009 14:58

lol, that's brilliant!! they are so innocent

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