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(x) H has told the court he remarried in may - but we have only just had our decree nisi!!!!

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Leslaki · 08/02/2009 20:58

Yet another nitemare in my jeremy Kyle style divorce. We have finally finally seen my x's from E (well, he has partially completed it - oor lamb has only had 11 months to do it in and he issued court proceedings!0. Anyway he has stated that he got married on my birthday in May last year - 2 months to the day after he left me!! But we only got our decree nisi in jan 09!!!! His NW still isn't divorced either! I checked his bank statement (the only one he let us see - he admitted this 1 accoutn but I know he has 3 others) and he spent loads in beaverbrooks and Ernest Jones, la Senza and Ann Summers leading up to the 'wedding' date. He was in Dublin over the date as well! She got married in Oz and we got married in Scotland. WTF do i do now????? he has loads of debts and has kinked some to the house - met up with NW's husband and she did same to him. he paid her off but still isn't sivorced. Turns out he paid for things for her which my x is now claiming he /we apid for - and is counting them as joint marital debt! This is getting worse every day.
Any advice out there??

OP posts:
lou33 · 08/02/2009 21:03

surely if you arent divorced then he has committed bigamy?

mamas12 · 08/02/2009 21:08

What does your solicitor say?
When you inform the police and they arrest him surely anyone could see all the dates anomolies?
Big suppost going your way. What a pair of shits. In fact they should both be arrested, they've both committed bigamy.

Leslaki · 08/02/2009 21:12

My problem is that I don't earn very much and he has linked his debts to the house. If I get police involved will I then be responsible for his debts? Will I lose house? Also if he goes to jail I won't get any CS and I need it! The judge at our hearing (the one x didn; turn up to) noticed it and just said "oh I see there's been a remarrriage. Oh you don't have your decree absolute. Oh we may have to look into this." All very laid back as if he was choosing a sandwich for his lunch. His NW's husband was devastated. neither of us knwo what to do. Legally/morally we should make a fuss but I don't want my kids to lose their home.

OP posts:
StewieGriffinsMom · 09/02/2009 09:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

wannaBe · 09/02/2009 09:42

he has committed bigamy. The judge may have had the laid-back attitude towards it so as not to alert him to the fact he could be facing a jail sentence... as clearly if he has remarried before he has divorced and has been prepared to admit this in court he hasn't actually considered the implications.

You need to speak to the police imo. Or at best your solicitor. but you not doing it isn't going to prevent him from being sent to jail for bigamy, so if it were me I would want to be the one responsible for getting him sent down.

oldraver · 09/02/2009 14:28

Ha she re-married tho, was any evidence provided or just what he filled in on a form ?? Sounds odd to re-marry on your birthday and to me sounds like he is trying to wind you up. Als him providing the bank statement with receipts for Beaverbrooks and La Senza ???

Leslaki · 09/02/2009 21:25

I just don't knwo what to think anymore tbh. I knew him 13 yeasr and now I don't know him at all. He hasn't provided any evidence - just what he wrote on the form, along with the bank statements showing his expenses. Why commit perjury tho? It clearly says on the form that you can be done for perjury if you lie on the form. It's just a nightmare.

OP posts:
citronella · 10/02/2009 13:01

Well he is either committed perjury or bigamy. Either one is an offence. Someone prepared to do this is unlikely to behave honourably toward you in the future re CS.
Better to to not expect anything at all and start making your own plans re home and money.

oldraver · 11/02/2009 00:16

I thought what Citronella said before reading her post. Whatever it sounds very odd. Can you prove he is trying to con you to pay debts that have been dealt with elswhere ?? as this is yet another crime . It sounds a nightmare and I dont know what to suggest apart from some good legal advice

Leslaki · 11/02/2009 16:14

I have now phoned the registry office in Dublin and no marriage took place between them end Apr/beg may - so hopefully he was just playing some sort of game. (God knows why - it's nough of a nightmare wihtout all that!) Unless they got married at another registry office elsewhere in ireland - who knows? Anyway, he's still committed perjury. Re the debts, he has weaved a hideously tangled web of debt and it's gonna be virtually impossible to sort it all out as he refuses to disclose stuff. I have only found out about NW's x paying off what he thought were her debts recently - he trusted her to pay them off and gave her the money to do so, but she hasn't and about £30 -40K of debt only appeared in my x's name at the start of last year when she left her marriage. My x has now apparently sent my solicitor a fax via the court saying he now wants to do a 'deal'!!! This should be interesting! Thanks for all your advice - I've not been posting much lately cos my whole situation is so complex to explain to people - and it changes constantly with his next little piece of drama!

OP posts:
StewieGriffinsMom · 11/02/2009 16:28

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

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