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Contact order problems

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Saz75 · 23/12/2008 22:10

I have a 7 yr old Son, he has learning difficulties (assessed age 3.5-5 yrs), since Feb of this yr i have had problems on & off with my Son going to his Dad's (he has since got married & gone on to have 2 more children, Girl & Boy), my Son cannot explain the reason for not going as he does not have the understanding or communication skills to express himself other than through anger & getting upset, his Dad has not forced him to go all this time and having an almost not bothered approach, my Son was due to go to his Dad's for the Christmas break until Boxing Day, on Friday we were at the school & my Son refusing to go practically looking himself in my car (luckily i had the keys), my Son was in tears refusing to get out of the car. I suggested giving him the weekend then i would try & talk him round, he insisted meeting the next day, i didn't go as my Son was still adament & i didn't want him getting upset any further. I have today had a warning notice on the Court Order from my ex, i feel that i have done everything to make my Son available, not once since the order has been in place have a broken it or not turned up for when he collects my Son, what do i do other than forcing my Son into going with him kicking & screaming on the way?! Any ideas or anyone in the same situation? P.s Merry Christmas.

OP posts:
notbusta · 23/12/2008 23:56

Hi, bit late at night now but bumping for you. Maybe try the special needs board too? Hope you and your son have a good Christmas too.

cestlavielife · 24/12/2008 11:51

ugh difficult - mean of your ex to put the court onto you?

was there a cafcass oficer involved? could you contact them? let them know the situation.

my 12 yr old with ASd and LDs is keen to se ehis dad and i think i will have more probs with the 8 yr old... but they will behaving supervised contact initially

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